Coronavirus Update: Calls To 'Cancel Rent' Gaining Steam As Business Shutdowns ExtendOnly 69% of households in the United States paid their rent by April 5 this year. To compare, for the same period last year, 82% paid and last month, 81% paid by March 5.
Coronavirus Update: Rent Day Sending Shockwaves Through NYC Amid ShutdownTenants and landlords are in a shared bond of pain amid estimates that as many as 40% won't be able to make their April rent payments.
Coronavirus Update: Rent Due For Millions Of New Yorkers, Many Fear They Can't Pay After Losing Work During PandemicGov. Andrew Cuomo has issued a 90-day moratorium on evictions for residential and commercial tenants but little to no plan for what happens after.
Coronavirus Update: New Yorkers Facing Financial Hardships 'Can't Be Evicted If You Don't Pay Your Rent'April 1 is right around the corner and many people in the Tri-State area face hardships around paying rent or moving out of their apartment during the coronavirus outbreak.
NYC Landlords Say New Laws Designed To Protect Renters Preventing Them From Maintaining Their UnitsNew laws meant to limit rent increases in rent-subsidized apartments might be having adverse affects.
Despite New Law Restricting Them, NYC Brokers Still Hitting Renters With Large 'Processing Fees'Back in June, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that mandated landlords charge no more than $20, but no one seems to be enforcing it.
StreetEasy Study Shows Affordable NYC Apartments Are Getting Harder To FindStreetEasy took a look at the salary you would have to earn to live in certain neighborhoods.
State Leaders OK New Rental Protections For Pricey NYCMore than one million apartment dwellers in and around New York City are getting new protections against big rent increases under a landmark tenants' rights bill signed into law Friday.
New York Lawmakers Reach Deal To Protect NYC Tenants, Impose New Rent Restrictions Across StateIt includes new restrictions on how much the rent can be increased in units covered by the regulations and would put an end to a landlord's ability to remove a unit from rent stabilization based on a tenant's income.
Actress Lived For Decades In $28-A-Month Greenwich Village ApartmentUntil March of this year, one woman was lucky enough to occupy a two-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village for the rent of $28.43 a month.
Burglar Collected Rent After Breaking Into Home, Police SayA burglar in Washington state has been charged with not only breaking into a vacationing family's home, but also renting it out to unsuspecting tenants.