New York Extends Some Relief For Renters Hit Hard By PandemicThough evictions are still on hold in New York State, housing advocates are worried about the fate of an estimated 14,000 renters who faced eviction before the coronavirus pandemic.
New Jersey Announces $25 Million Grant Program For Small Property Landlords To Forgive Back RentNew Jersey is taking steps to help low-income renters and small property landlords facing hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Study Reveals Nearly 1.5 Million New Yorkers Unable To Pay Rent, Risk EvictionHelp USA has already spent nearly $1 million on cases in the Bronx and has more budgeted thanks to city funding.
Sen. Chuck Schumer Urges Congress To Approve $100 Billion In Rent ReliefThe state's eviction moratorium was set to expire June 20, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo extended it to Aug. 20.
Coronavirus Update: Cuomo Announces Security Deposits Can Be Used To Pay Rents, Extends Ban On Evictions To Aug. 20Cuomo turned his attention to the hardships many New Yorkers are facing due to PAUSE status. 
Protesters Nationwide Demand Rent Strike Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Gov. Cuomo Says He Sees Both Sides Of IssueSounds of protesters outside the state capitol in Albany were heard inside Gov. Andrew Cuomo's daily briefing.
Coronavirus Update: Calls To 'Cancel Rent' Gaining Steam As Business Shutdowns ExtendOnly 69% of households in the United States paid their rent by April 5 this year. To compare, for the same period last year, 82% paid and last month, 81% paid by March 5.
Coronavirus Update: Rent Day Sending Shockwaves Through NYC Amid ShutdownTenants and landlords are in a shared bond of pain amid estimates that as many as 40% won't be able to make their April rent payments.
Coronavirus Update: Rent Due For Millions Of New Yorkers, Many Fear They Can't Pay After Losing Work During PandemicGov. Andrew Cuomo has issued a 90-day moratorium on evictions for residential and commercial tenants but little to no plan for what happens after.
Coronavirus Update: New Yorkers Facing Financial Hardships 'Can't Be Evicted If You Don't Pay Your Rent'April 1 is right around the corner and many people in the Tri-State area face hardships around paying rent or moving out of their apartment during the coronavirus outbreak.
NYC Landlords Say New Laws Designed To Protect Renters Preventing Them From Maintaining Their UnitsNew laws meant to limit rent increases in rent-subsidized apartments might be having adverse affects.