Coutinho: David Wright -- Face Of The Franchise And So Much MoreToday is a day to feel good Met fans--your franchise player will be here for eight years.
Coutinho: A Special Night For A Special WomanShannon Forde, who has worked in the New York Media Relations department since 1994 is fighting Stage IV breast cancer.
Coutinho: Miami Taxpayers Biggest Losers In Loria's Shell GameJeffrey Loria is laughing all the way to the bank. Or as Gordon Gekko would put it, "Greed is good". Truth be told, Gekko is a rank amateur compared to the Marlins owner.
Coutinho: With Bay Watch Over, Mets Back In BusinessOne of the biggest obstacles to success has been removed from the roster -- at least from a personnel perspective, if not from a financial one.
Coutinho: For Knicks Fans, For NYC -- What An OpenerAmazing indeed -- and on a night when the wounds of Superstorm Sandy were still firmly in our minds.
Coutinho: Has It Really Been 26 Years Since Game 6?It's hard to believe that it has been over a quarter of a century since the 1986 Mets captured an entire city with a World Championship, but I was thinking a lot about that season this week.
Coutinho: NLCS Will Be A Battle Of WillsI learned a long time ago in baseball to never underestimate the value of being "a team of destiny." But the problem in handicapping the 2012 NLCS is which of these 2 "destiny teams" will be going to the World Series?
Coutinho: What To Expect From The Mets This OffseasonThis Mets team is not as far away from contention as most think they are, but this is a huge offseason because Alderson must improve this team without sacrificing the payroll flexibility he will possess in 2014.
Coutinho: Breaking Down The Top 5 Offseason Priorities For Sandy AldersonSandy Alderson needs to act swiftly in order to restore confidence in the eyes of the team's fan base. With that in mind, here is what I think are the top five offseason issues he needs to address prior to the 2013 season.
Coutinho: If I Were The Mets, I Would Stick With Terry CollinsDespite what the public might think, this team does not need a manager who is going to throw over a buffet table after every loss.
Coutinho: Fans, Don't Believe Everything You ReadThe Twitter rumor-starters have gone too far.