Schmeelk: Knicks' Win In London Serves As A Blueprint For Second-Half SuccessThe dog days of January and February are when the season can be decided, and the Knicks are at a crossroads which will dictate whether they are a two seed or a five seed. If they play like they did against Detroit, you have to like their chances.
Schmeelk: Knicks Leave America Looking For Plenty Of AnswersIf I went in-depth on all of the Knicks' problems you’d be looking at a 10-page dissertation. The list is that long. But the Knicks have only one game in seven days, and this is valuable time that should be used to get things right.
Schmeelk: Knicks Need To Come Up Big In 'Show Me' Game Against BullsThis is a “show me” game for the Knicks that could be a decent preview of what their playoff success might look like.
Hartnett: Knicks' J.R. Smith Is Thriving With Increased Amount Of ResponsibilityWithout Carmelo Anthony in the lineup, J.R. Smith embraced the role of crunch time go-to guy and delivered another clutch game-winning shot.
Schmeelk: It's Time For Raymond Felton To Take A SeatOn December 2, Felton bruised his left hand against the Suns. Then, on December 13, he bruised his right hand against the Lakers. His Christmas gift from Santa on Tuesday was a sprained ligament on the pinky finger of his shooting hand. He’s a mess.
Lichtenstein: Stoudemire's Return Will Boost The KnicksThere is room on the Knicks for Stoudemire, who could return in the next week from the knee injury that has sidelined him all season.
Schmeelk: 'Linsanity' Was Nice, But Knicks Are Gladly Taking The Victories InsteadSo far this year, Lin certainly hasn't shown much to make anyone think that the Knicks did the wrong thing by letting him go.
Schmeelk: The Loss Of Brook Lopez Takes Juice Out Of Knicks-Nets GameThere is far less hype surrounding the second meeting between the Knicks and the Nets on Tuesday night than there was for their first game a couple of weeks ago.
Schmeelk: Mike Woodson Is An Early Candidate For Coach Of The YearWithout Anthony the Knicks would be nowhere -- the same place they would be without Mike Woodson. The Knicks' head coach has done a number of things this year that deserve a ton of recognition.
Schmeelk: Knicks Are Making Too Many Small Mistakes To Win ConsistentlyThe Knicks have lost three of four and have gotten sloppy in a number of areas. Mike Woodson got credit for their fast start, but issues have popped up that he needs to address rather quickly if the Knicks want to break out of their slump.
Hartnett: Brooklyn Defeat Proves Jason Kidd's Value To The KnicksThe Knicks' defeat in Brooklyn proved how crucial Jason Kidd is to their success.