Chatelain: With Judge And Sanchez, History Repeating Itself Rather QuicklyJust months after the baseball world watched a rookie in pinstripes -- Gary Sanchez -- clobber homers at a historic rate, we’ve been given an encore in the form of a hulking right fielder.
Chatelain: Finding Eli Manning's Successor Can Wait -- Maybe For A WhileThanks to rules aimed at driving up scoring and protecting defenseless players, quarterbacks are still going strong later and later into their careers.
Chatelain: At Monmouth, It Was Obvious Big Things Awaited Chris HoganTo hear the story about the day Chris Hogan arrived on Monmouth’s doorstep, it sounds almost like folklore, as though he were the Paul Bunyan or Roy Hobbs of mid-major college football.
Chatelain: 2016 Was As Weird As It Gets In SportsMan, 2016 was a bizarre year -- especially in sports. That might not immediately seem so evident to you, but when you step back and look at the last 12 months as a whole, you'll understand.
Chatelain: In New Orleans, McKnight's Gridiron Heroics Won't Be ForgottenBy most accounts, McKnight was the top high school running back in the country as a senior in 2006 and one of the best in U.S. history, some said.
Chatelain: Finally, We Cubs Fans Learn What It's Like Not To SufferThink your team has had it bad? We see your suffering and raise you. Red Sox fans, you only had to endure a mere 86-year title drought -- and your boys won seven pennants since ours had won their previous one in 1945.
Chatelain: Giants Aren't Getting Their Money's Worth Out Of VernonIf the Giants’ high-priced defensive end doesn't deliver a big game soon, you’d better believe the talk of him being a bust will gain more momentum than a runaway locomotive.
Chatelain: Familia, Cespedes Come Up Small When Mets Need Them MostMaybe now Terry Collins remembers why Matt Harvey was able to talk his way into staying in Game 5 of last year’s World Series.
Chatelain: Mets Unbelievably Unlucky? That's Not Quite AccurateIf the Mets were indeed historically unfortunate, they would not be sitting where they are now: in position for a National League wild-card spot with just a weekend's worth of games to play.
Chatelain: Sanchez Is Rookie Of Past 2 Months, Not Rookie Of The YearGary Sanchez has avoided what should be an important criterion in winning the Rookie of the Year ward: proving himself over the long, grueling major league season.
Chatelain: Yankees' Girardi Should Be AL Manager Of The YearThis would have sounded laughable on Aug. 1 -- and it will undoubtedly sound far-fetched to some even today -- but I don’t care.