MTA Details 13-Point Plan As Phase One Reopening Set For New York City MondaySubway ridership is expected to be at 10-15% of pre-pandemic levels during Phase One, said MTA Chairman Pat Foye. Bus ridership will be about 30-40% of normal. 
Coronavirus Cleaning: New York City Set To Begin Subway Shutdown During Overnight HoursThe Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans to shut down overnight subway service Tuesday night for the first time in 115 years.
Coronavirus Cleaning: NYC Overnight Subway Shutdown Puts Halt To 10,000 PassengersStarting next week, the city's subway system will not be running 24/7 service for the first time ever.
'They Are Transporting This Virus': MTA Subway Conductors Say Trains Are Filthier Than Ever Amid Coronavirus PandemicThe MTA says since early March, the entire fleet of subway cars and buses gets disinfected every 72 hours, but its conductors tell us they're not seeing it.
MTA Officials And More Discuss 'Social Distancing' As Means To Combat Coronavirus Spread"If you can get around without riding the subway, do it. If telecommuting is an option, do it," said MTA chairman Pat Foye.
First Day On The Job For New Subway Head Sarah FeinbergThe former Obama transportation officials has been serving on the MTA board since last year and is said to have a close relationship with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Sarah Feinberg Named Interim New York City Transit President"She's smart, thoughtful, innovative and an avid advocate for mass transit. I believe she's the ideal candidate to be interim president," said MTA chair Pat Foye. 
Officials Discuss Safety Measures One Year After Deadly After Metro-North Crash In ValhallaSince the accident, the federal government has committed $350 million for grade crossing improvements and another $6.5 million for a public awareness campaign.