Random COVID-19 Testing Begins In New York City Public SchoolsThe Department of Education says the tests will not involve long swabs that go to the back of the nose.
Child Psychologist Tells Parents Not To Be Too Involved With Kids During Remote Classes, Says Helicopter Parenting May Cause More ProblemsWith so many children learning from home - and adults trying to adjust to this crazy time - helicopter parenting is becoming a problem in some families.
N.J. District Facing Dilemma In November -- A Big Tax Increase Or Drastic CutsTables and chairs were stacked up inside one classroom inside the Eleanor Van Gelder School on Monday. The hallways were eerily quiet, as teachers worked with students virtually.
Brooklyn School Moves Students To All Remote Learning After Staff Members Test Positive For COVID-19The school serves about 340 students in grades 6 through 12 and is located in Sheepshead Bay.
New York City Middle, High School Students Head Back To Class For In-Person LearningIt comes as coronavirus cases have seen a sharp increase in several neighborhoods.
Schools: The New Normal | Health Expert Says Hand Washing, Social Distancing Are Most Important Protocols During In-Person ClassesQuestions are being raised about how to keep children safe from COVID-19 as many return to school for in-person classes.
Schools: The New Normal | Teachers' Union President Urges Mayor To Consider Shutting Down Schools In Neighborhoods With COVID ClustersMulgrew is making the demand as elementary schools opened for in-person learning Tuesday. High schools and middle schools open on Thursday, with 500,000 students in all returning to school.
Schools: The New Normal | City Residents Migrating To East End Of Long Island In Search Of In-Person LearningOn the East End of Long Island, many school districts are scrambling to find extra space and teachers.
Principals' Union Calls For Mayor De Blasio To Hand Over Control Of New York City Schools To The StateThere's a new standoff over safety at New York City public schools.
Schools: The New Normal | New York City Parents Worry Staffing Concerns Put Tuesday Opening In JeopardyThe school year for most of New York City's 1.1 million students officially starts next weeks, but are schools and the de Blasio Administration ready?
Schools: The New Normal | Brooklyn School For Teens At Risk Of Not Graduating Struggling To Connect To Students Through Remote LearningA school reliant on human connection is now limited by internet connectivity.