Bratton: No Specific Threats Against Fourth Of July CelebrationsPolice Commissioner Bill Bratton says there are no specific threats against the Fourth Of July celebrations in New York City as the NYPD ramps up security amid concern over possible terrorist attacks.
Tourist's Selfie On Brooklyn Bridge Raises Questions About SecurityA tourist's selfie taken from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge is raising questions about the NYPD and its security as the city ramps up for the July 4th holiday amid terror threats.
Gracie Mansion Gets Higher Fence, Spokesperson Cites Security ReasonsNew York City's mayoral mansion is getting a higher fence after White House fence-jumping incursions recently raised security concerns.
Seen At 11: Stay Safe While You Shop This Holiday SeasonShopping safety is not always the first thing on people's minds when they head to the mall, but your holiday wish list could make you a target.
CBS2 Investigates: Potential Risk At Airport Security Checks?Passengers without background checks have been whisked through the same lines reserved for pre-screened travelers, members of the TSA's pre-check programs.
Probe Finds Porous Security, Rampant Smuggling At Rikers IslandNew York City jail officials announced Thursday that they plan tighter screening of guards and other employees, after a city investigation found they were easily able to smuggle vodka, heroin, marijuana and razor blades into Rikers Island.
Security To Remain Tight For New York City MarathonSecurity procedures for the TCS New York City Marathon will remain similar to the measures enacted last year.
MetLife Stadium Leading The Way In Modern-Day SecurityA shoving match breaks out in a section of the MetLife Stadium stands. While security officers hustle to the scene, a beyond state-of-the-art surveillance system is recording every detail.
Govs Agree To Increase Security In N.Y., N.J. In Response To Rising Global Terror Threat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have ordered an unprecedented heavier police presence on commuter rail lines, subways, bus stations, airports and bridge and tunnel crossings.
New ‘SB Guardian’ App Gives Stony Brook Students Peace Of Mind Some Stony Brook University students looking for an added sense of security might want to turn to a new app.
New Security Barriers Installed On Brooklyn Bridge To Prevent TrespassingAfter two high-profile security breaches at the Brooklyn Bridge, the city has taken action.
Security Stepped Up At Coney Island Music Event Following Deaths In MarylandBefore entering the Mad Decent Block Party at MCU Park in Coney Island, attendees will undergo a thorough pre-show screening, which includes K-9 narcotics units.
De Blasio Administration Orders Security Overhaul After Brooklyn Bridge Flags IncidentFor security reasons officials would not disclose the precise nature of the upgrades or exactly where they will be instated.
Worries About Undetected Bombs Prompt Tighter Security In Foreign AirportsThe concern is that al Qaeda in Yemen is developing a bomb that could get around traditional airport security, outside of the U.S.
Barclays Center Steps Up Security Screenings For Avicii ShowWhen Avicii took the stage, he performed for a big crowd of fans who were checked and double-checked at the doors.