Sen. Schumer Calls On President's Opioid Commission For Plan To Battle AddictionSchumer said the president's opioid commission has been dragging its feet and has not come up with a plan to combat the problem.
Senator Schumer Calls On FDA To Regulate 'Snortable Chocolate'In a letter Saturday, the New York Democrat asked the Food and Drug Administration to investigate the use of caffeine in inhalable food products such as so-called Coco Loko.
Sen. Schumer Pushes To Preserve Tax Deductions For Middle ClassSchumer on Sunday denounced the tax code Trump proposed this week that would end the federal deduction for state and local taxes.
Schumer Says He Wants Credit Bureaus To Better Notify Customers Of Potential FraudSchumer, D-N.Y., said once hackers get a hold of the customers' personal information, it's all downhill from there.
L.I. Residents Will Need To Wait A Little Longer For Relief From Helicopter Noise Every summer commuters hop posh helicopter rides from Manhattan to the east end of Long Island for some rest and relaxation, creating the opposite down below for homeowners.
OnStar Changes Policy After Sen. Schumer Voices Privacy ConcernsOn Sunday, Schumer called OnStar's previous policy "one of the most brazen invasions of privacy in recent memory."
18 People Arrested For Real Estate Fraud In BrooklynFor too long, Brooklyn residents have fallen victim to real estate scammers. Now, the Brooklyn D.A. and Sen. Schumer warn perpetrators to watch out.
Bloomberg: I Want Kelly To Stay In NYCWill Commissioner Kelly head to Washington to lead the FBI? Not if Mayor Bloomberg has anything to say about it.
Schumer Praises President Obama's Egypt Response Schumer said he believes the president has done a "good job," and said the United States must seek to pursue the best possible path for stability in the region.
Local Politicians React To President's State Of The UnionTrying to lift the nation, President Barack Obama on Tuesday sought to promote a jobs agenda blending concentrated spending and a fresh bid to control the country's staggering debt.
Schumer, Nadler Want "Fake" 9/11 Coins Off MarketSome people will do almost anything to cash in on 9/11 and now there's a call to crack down on a company selling coins it claims are made of silver from ground zero.