Court Of Appeals Tosses Local Laws Restricting Where Sex Offenders Can LiveThere are about 38,000 registered sex offenders in New York.
Court Of Appeals: N.Y. State Law, Not Municipal Law, Determines Where Sex Offenders May LiveThe highest court in New York state ruled Tuesday that state law is what determines where sex offenders can live.
NY Lawmakers Propose Bill Banning Sex Offenders From Family SheltersCity Councilman Jimmy Vacca said he was shocked when he found out two sex offenders were allowed to live at the Crystal Family Residence in the Bronx.
NY Sex Offenders Given Special Restrictions For HalloweenNew York law enforcement officials have placed special restrictions on paroled sex offenders for Halloween.
NJ Court Rules That Some Sex Offenders Will Be Exempt From GPS Monitoring More than 100 convicted sex offenders who have served their prison sentences could be taken off GPS monitoring devices.
Youth Groups: Access To Predators' Records Will Mean Better Safety New legislation has been proposed in light of a recent massive sexual predator bust. Proponents said the legislation will better protect children.
N.J. Appeals Court: Sex Offenders Can Be Barred From Social NetworkingA New Jersey state appeals court on Tuesday ruled that paroled sex offenders can be barred from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networking platforms.
Jury: Pataki's Program To Institutionalize Sex Offenders Didn't Violate RightsA jury decided Wednesday that former New York Gov. George Pataki did not violate sex offenders’ rights by authorizing a program to involuntarily commit them to mental institutions after they completed their sentences.
Pataki Defends Himself Against Lawsuit Brought By Convicted Sex OffendersFormer New York Gov. George Pataki testified Tuesday about how more than 100 sex offenders came to be institutionalized after they finished their prison sentences.
Proposed 'Wall Of Shame' Could Help Subway Riders Identify Convicted Sex OffendersOn Monday Vallone will introduce a resolution to the City Council that will call for a 'wall of shame'; pictures of convicted sex offenders would be posted in the stations where attacks have occurred, and in stations near the offenders' homes.
Suffolk County Votes To Remove 2 Trailers Full Of Sex OffendersSuffolk County lawmakers have voted unanimously to move 38 homeless sex offenders out of two construction trailers, and place them in scattered locations throughout the county.