Parents At Tenafly School Complain Of Unsafe Area To Pick Up StudentsParents at a suburban school in New Jersey say the roads around the school are dangerous and they need sidewalks. Some nearby residents, however, responded by saying, “not in our front yard."
Tickets For Unsafe Bicycle Riding In NYC On The RiseThe NYPD has issued nearly 14,000 tickets so far this year for cyclists who run red lights, ride on sidewalks and bike against traffic.
Summit, N.J. Considers Adding More Sidewalks To Make Walking SaferPart of the appeal of upscale Summit is the shady streets, the impeccably maintained Colonials and Tudors, and the lush lawns that stretch right up to the curb.
Freezing Rain, Accumulating Ice Make Slushy Mess In NJIce built up on untreated roads and sidewalks and made trees and power lines appear as if they were encased in crystal.
Yorktown To Drivers: Please Stay Off The RoadsRoad crews have been out for hours struggling to stay ahead of the storm.
Slush Olympics: Snow Makes It Tough For Pedestrians, TooSnow mounds left by plows have created a sort of slalom course for cars on the roads, and on the sidewalks, pedestrians don’t have it much easier.
Long Island Woman Fights For More SidewalksTrucks, cars, and minivans rush by you at high speeds on Long Island Avenue in Deer Park.
Sidewalk Repairs Become An Issue In SmithtownHomeowners in Smithtown are unhappy over a plan that would force them to shell out thousands of dollars to repair crumbling sidewalks.
Who Should Pay For L.I. Sidewalk Repairs?Officials at one Long Island town are considering making property owners responsible for sidewalk repairs.