Reptile Expert: Snake On Loose In NJ Actually An AnacondaA reptile specialist leading the search for a snake on the loose in Lake Hopatcong now says it is a green anaconda, not a boa constrictor, as officials had maintained.
Comedian Jimmy Failla May Feel TLC's Venom Over Snake Prank On RidersJimmy Failla, a comedian who used to drive yellow cabs, rented a taxi, put a snake in it and then recorded the reactions of horrified passengers
Reptile Training Under Way For Suffolk County Officials Suffolk SPCA chief Roy Gross said the training is crucial, given the spike of reptiles turning up on Long Island.
Long Island Man With 850 Snakes Looking For Commercial SpaceAn animal control officer who had more than 850 snakes at his Long Island home is searching for a new shelter for him.
Long Island Man Could Lose All Of His More Than 800 SnakesA Long Island man will have to slither his way out of trouble with the law if he plans on keeping his stash of hundreds of snakes.
Authorities: More Than 800 Snakes Found In Long Island HomeMore than 800 snakes were found Thursday in garages at the home of an animal control officer in Shirely, Long Island, authorities said.
Long Island Woman Claims She Bought Potpourri With Snake InsideA Long Island woman claims she bought potpourri and inside there was a snake which is now somewhere in her home.
Today Is Snake Awareness DayParker Space travels all over the country to rescue or pick up snakes, bringing them to a good home at Space Farms.
Exotic Animals Stolen From Long Island Pet StorePolice say the owner of The Animal Hut in Mastic reported that someone broke into the store and stole a 3-foot-long American alligator, three albino boa constrictors, and a 5-foot-long Argentine red tegu, a type of lizard.
Snake Blamed For Power Outage At Poughkeepsie HospitalA snake is being blamed for disrupting power at a Hudson Valley hospital after it slithered into a switch box outside the building.