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Homeland Security Chief Napolitano Unveils New Terror Alert SystemThe updated system will be in place by next week and consists of just two warning levels: elevated and imminent.
Facebook Unveils Family Safety Center To Fight Bullying, Privacy ConcernsSome much-needed tech support has come to Facebook for concerned parents. If you have questions or concerns about keeping your teens safe from cyber bullies, there are new online tools to help.
Social Networking Depression?New studies suggest social networking sites can have a huge impact on your mental health, even leading to a digital depression, Maurice DuBois reports.
Conn. MBA Grads Start Social Site With Lofty GoalsNick Jaensch and Keith Bessette have developed, a corner of the Internet dedicated to college students and 20-somethings.
Twitter Is Full Of Its Own Regional 'Accents'Tweeting about what club "y'all'' are going to tonight? Must be from the South. Looking forward to "suttin'' special? Then you probably live in New York.
Governor Cuomo's Twitter Account Briefly DivertedAn unknown tweeter set up a fake Twitter account and briefly linked it to Andrew Cuomo's official state website Sunday morning.