City Officials Break Ground At New Site Of Beacon High School The former library warehouse will be converted into 50 classrooms to go along with an auditorium and other school amenities, including Wi-Fi, science labs, art suites, and a dark room.
Bloomberg: New York City's 2013 Budget Proposal Contains No New TaxesMost New York City taxpayers will be cheering the $68.7 billion budget because although it has some revenue shortfalls, the mayor won’t be dipping his hands into your pockets to find the funds.
Lawmakers, Tenants Call For Overhaul Of NYC's Rent Guidelines Board Saying the Rent Guidelines Board is stacked against renters, politicians and tenants rallied on the steps of City Hall Monday in support of state measure that would give the City Council veto power over the mayor's nominees on the board.
Court Rules Single NY'ers Don't Have To Prove HomelessnessTuesday's decision in Manhattan's State Supreme court is in response to a proposal that would have required people to show they're truly homeless, with documents if possible.
City Council Votes To Give Grace Period For Muni-Meter Parking, End Alternate Side Violation StickersCity Council has passed what they're calling a fair parking legislative package consisting of three bills aimed at making parking a little easier in New York City.
City Council Formally Passes $66 Billion Budget With No Teacher LayoffsAfter a contentious budget session, lawmakers said they would not give the city's teachers their first pink slips since the economic crisis of the 1970s.
City Council Passes Bill To Change Alternate-Side Parking RulesUnder the bill, if a community keeps its streets clean for two consecutive years and gets a 90 percent cleanliness grade, the local community board would have the option of reducing its street cleaning to once a week.
City Council Wants US To Invest In Bedbug FightWith the EPA convening a National Bedbug Summit Tuesday, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and several council members called on federal officials to put money into initiatives to fight the pests.
NYC To Lift Restrictions On Dual-Flush Toilets It looks like a whole new bowl game is in the works for New Yorkers when they go to the john.
City Council Takes Aim At Crisis Pregnancy Centers Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, has sponsored a bill aimed at facilities she charged were nothing more than anti-choice centers masquerading as health clinics.