NHL Suggests Two-Week 'Moratorium' On Labor TalksNegotiations had already hit a wall in the ongoing hockey labor fight, and now the NHL has suggested the sides take an official two-week break before getting back to the bargaining table.
No Communication Between NHL, Union As Lockout Drags OnNow the NHL and the locked-out players' association aren't even talking by phone.
Owners, Players Back At Bargaining Table In Effort To End NHL LockoutCoupled with the more than seven hours they spent negotiating on Tuesday, owners and players have been together about 13 hours and are ready to get back to it on Thursday.
NHL, Players' Association Take Talks Into Wednesday, Hope To Make More ProgressThe NHL and the players' association did all their talking at the bargaining table, far away from the public eye. With another round of talks scheduled just one day after more than seven hours of negotiations, perhaps progress is being made.
NHL Lockout: League, Players' Union To Resume Talks TuesdayThe NHL and the players' association stuck to their word and made quick plans to get back to the bargaining table.
Silverman: NHL Hope Grows Amid Winter Classic CancellationThe Winter Classic is dead this year, but as the NHL buries its most popular regular-season event there is hope that the lockout won’t wipe out the entire season.
NHL's Bettman Says Full Season 'Not Going To Be A Reality'Gary Bettman seemed resigned on Wednesday to looking at a shortened season with the NHL and the players' association still at odds after months of negotiations.
NHL, NHLPA Can't Agree To Get Together To Talk As Bettman's Deadline LoomsNow things are really getting down to the wire, and the situation is getting even uglier. Forget about a deal to save a full hockey season: The NHL and the players' association can't even agree to get together to talk.
NHL, Players' Association Resume Meetings In Attempt To End Month-Long LockoutThe sides met twice on Wednesday. If talks go well on Thursday, or if the scheduled work can't be completed, there could be another day of discussions on Friday.
NHL Deputy Commissioner: The League Has Lost Roughly $100 Million In Revenues In speaking to reporters after talks finished up for the day between the NHL and the NHLPA, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly estimated that the league has lost $100 million in revenues from the canceled preseason.