Kallas: It's Time For Shoeless Joe Jackson To Enter The Hall Of FameIt’s certainly an incomplete Hall of Fame without Rose, but it’s an even bigger travesty and a disgrace of a Hall of Fame without Jackson.
Kallas: If Giamatti Would Have Let Rose In The Hall, Why Wouldn't Manfred?If Bart Giamatti was OK with it, then it should be OK with Fay Vincent. And Bud Selig. And, soon, Rob Manfred. We’ll see what, if anything, happens in the near future.
Kallas: Inconsistent Goodell Turns Rice Suspension Into National DisgraceCommissioner Goodell repeatedly said “you have to respond to facts here” regarding Ray Rice's suspension. Well, here are some facts.
Kallas: Mets Should Be Trend-Setters, Again, By Going To 6-Man RotationUse of the six-man rotation across Major League Baseball is a matter of when, not if. Decades ago, the Mets changed baseball. Next year, they'll be in a position to do it again.
Kallas: Attention, Mets — Do NOT Trade Daniel Murphy Or Bartolo ColonTrading Bartolo Colon and Daniel Murphy would be a mistake. One is an effective innings eater and the other is a professional hitter. Keep them both.
Kallas: Stanley Cup Final Was Much Closer Than What 'Experts' DepictedSo was this actually a close series despite the Kings winning in just five games? You bet it was.
Kallas: Tonalist Was A Monster Right Before Coburn Acted The Clown At BelmontInitially, there were a number of reasons why Tonalist would win, as I pointed out in a column last Friday where I picked Tonalist to win.
Kallas: Chrome Winning Triple Crown Might Be Bad For Thoroughbred Racing While it would be a wonderful story if California Chrome and his connections were to win the Triple Crown, I'm simply not sure that it would be the best thing for the industry.
Kallas: Greatest Save Ever? Henrik Lifts Rangers To Stanley Cup FinalsIn 1994, many of us thought indeed that “This one will last a lifetime.” But, thankfully, 20 years later, we can hope that a second Cup in our lifetime is, at least, a possibility.
Kallas: Bring Back The Old MLB Transfer Rule — Immediately! If anything, “instant” replay -- whatever you think of it -- will help umpires with the “old” transfer rule. Just return the rule to what it used to be. Immediately, if not sooner.
Kallas: Phil Jackson Coaching The Knicks? Keep Dreaming!Unless Phil Jackson can make the Knicks a “loaded” team, a club that’s ready to win it all, he won’t even think of coaching. And that's not going to happen.
Kallas: Yankees Should Trade Ichiro? Are You Out Of Your Mind?The Yankees may want to hold on to the guy because he could very well end up being a key component this season. All this talk, at least by the television announcers, of possibly trading Ichiro, should stop immediately.
Kallas: Wichita State's Coach Completely Overvalued What His Team IsWell, it was pretty clear that it was going to be virtually impossible, given their extremely tough bracket, for undefeated Wichita State to win the national championship. In fact, it was hard to believe that the Shockers could get to the Final Four.
Kallas: Why Did Wichita St. And Louisville Get Jobbed?; Final Four PicksDespite the alleged modern-day transparency, some decisions boggle the mind. You have to wonder whether things coaches say have any effect on seeds and matchups.
Kallas: Knicks' Felton Is Not In The Same Boat As Plaxico BurressWhile Raymond Felton may face a fine and some kind of community service or maybe just probation, if he does have to do some time, any term of imprisonment will be less than Plaxico Burress' two-year sentence.