Steve Lichtenstein

Lichtenstein: Jets May Be Flying High During Bye Week, But Concerns LoomAfter this one-weekend hiatus, Jets games will once again be appointment viewing, at least for the foreseeable future.
Lichtenstein: Led By Revis, Jets' Defense Dominated Dolphins From Start To FinishShortly after scoring on their opening drive of the second half of Sunday’s game against the Dolphins, the Jets offense checked out.
Lichtenstein's Nets Training Camp Primer: Will This Team Make The Playoffs?Remember those uber-hyped days in the last few years when it was “NBA championship or bust” for the Nets? In cleaned-up Brooklyn parlance, “Forget about it.”
Lichtenstein: Mishandling Adversity, Not Prosperity, Fueled Jets’ Loss To EaglesThe Jets were what, two-point favorites at home? Against a team they had never beaten in the history of their franchise? If this was a trap, it should have been seen for miles.
Lichtenstein: Jets' 'D' Shined, But Fourth-Quarter Drive Secured Win Over ColtsThough it’s been only two weeks, at least we can agree that the offense hasn’t yet let the team down. And that’s something Jets fans haven’t been able to say for quite some time.
Lichtenstein: Maccagnan's Marshall Plan Landed Talent-Starved Jets A True PlaymakerBrandon Marshall produced six receptions for 62 yards and a touchdown on Sunday, but his impact went beyond statistics.
Lichtenstein: 'Win Now' For The Jets Means Hoping And Praying Like Crazy For 8-8With the start of the NFL's regular season just a few days away, there seems to be some confusion regarding the expectations for the Jets.
Lichtenstein: MRI Result On Williams’ Knee Was Jets’ Biggest Win Of WeekendThe 6-foot-5, 302-pound Williams not only eats up space, but has the quickness to create havoc in the backfield.
Lichtenstein: RIP Al Arbour, The Coach Who Let His Wins Speak VolumesArbour was a winner who never felt the need to puff out his chest and let the world know he was a winner.
Lichtenstein: Rex Ryan’s Conspiracy Theory Is Pure FantasyThe blustery Ryan’s dream job with the Jets was doomed, but not for the reasons he expressed on HBO's “Real Sports.”
Lichtenstein: Jets Won't Miss Geno For Any Of Those 6-10 WeeksThis Jets training camp has been inundated with disappointing news. The Geno Smith incident is NOT one of them.
Lichtenstein: It's A New Season And All Is Positive With The Jets ... For NowFor those of you who have perused this forum, I tend to lean on sarcasm when the Jets are the topic. So much so that many fail to grasp that I have been a diehard fan my entire life.