NYC Ban On Styrofoam Food Containers Takes EffectThe new year means no more plastic foam coffee cups, takeout containers or packing peanuts in most places in the nation's largest city.
New Laws In 2019 Designed To Help New Yorkers Keep More Money, Spend Time With Family, Aid EnvironmentAs the new year gets underway, New Yorkers can expect some new laws to take effect.
How Will 2019's Styrofoam Ban Affect You?New York City Sanitation Commissioner talks about the city's ban on Styrofoam set to affect restaurants and other businesses in the city starting next year.
City Council Members Discuss Renewed Plan For Law Banning Styrofoam ContainersThe courts said no two years ago, but New York City is trying once again to ban Styrofoam containers.
Judge Overturns New York City's Ban On Styrofoam ContainersA New York Supreme Court judge has overturned New York City's ban on plastic foam containers such as egg cartons and to-go cups.
Food Industry Rallies Against Proposed NYC Foam Container Ban; Quinn Sees Measure PassingOpponents rallied on the steps of City Hall on Wednesday before a City Council meeting where the ban was to be introduced.
Mixed Reaction To Bloomberg's Proposed Styrofoam BanMayor Michael Bloomberg’s new grudge against Styrofoam has drawn mixed reactions from New Yorkers.
Bloomberg To Propose More Electric Car Parking, Styrofoam BanOn the eve of his State of the City address, Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a new ban in store, as well as a parking proposal that might drive some New Yorkers crazy.