9-Year-Old Boy Reunites With Dad After Being Stranded In China Amid Coronavirus OutbreakA nine-year-old boy is finally back home in the U.S. after becoming stranded in China for several days amid concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.
‘Are You Kidding Me?’: Family Gets 55,000 Duplicate Billing Statements In The MailAn Ohio man said he was "shocked" when he and his wife received approximately 55,000 duplicate billing statements in the mail from a student loan company a few weeks ago.
School Employs Therapy Puppy To Help Reduce Stress, AnxietyA new therapy puppy at an Ohio school district is more than just a cute face. He's already making a big impact.
Woman Dials 911 With Her Toes After Her Hands Are Crushed While Changing TireA woman whose hands became trapped while she was changing a tire on the side of South Carolina interstate highway managed to call for help using her toes.
Deputies: Just Touching 'Gray Death' Drug Could Kill YouA relatively new and deadly form of heroin is so powerful, just touching it could kill you, investigators in Louisiana warned Friday.
Massive House Fire Spares Bible Verses Written On Wall StudsFirefighters were stunned to find that Bible scriptures written on wall studs had miraculously survived a massive fire that engulfed a house Sunday night, officials in Louisiana said.
'Black Hair Is Beautiful': Bill Would Prohibit Discrimination Based On HairstyleEmployers and schools would not be allowed to discriminate based on hairstyle under a bill being consider in Washington state.
Man Finds Huge Snake Inside His Couch While Looking For His KeysImagine looking into your couch for something you dropped and finding a six foot boa constrictor under a cushion. That's what happened to Justin Bailey in Rose Hill, Kansas.
School District Closes For Two Days After 600 Students Call In SickAn entire school district in Ohio was shut down for two days this week after nearly 600 students called in sick, the district's superintendent said.
'Pressured' Mail Carrier Pleads Guilty To Dumping Undelivered Mail In Storage UnitA postal service employee in Virginia says he put mail into a storage unit instead of delivering because he was overwhelmed, according to federal documents.
Bill Would Prohibit People Who Owe Child Support From Getting Hunting, Fishing PermitsIf you're behind on your child support payments, you not might be be allowed to hunt or fish in Utah starting next year.
Google Searches For Corona Beer Surge As News Of Coronavirus Outbreak SpreadsThe coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China, has nothing to do with Corona beer, but some people seem to think it does.
Husband, Wife Busted With $4.1 Million Worth Of Meth During Traffic StopA husband and wife were arrested last week in the largest single meth bust in the history of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, officials said.
Survey: Appearance At Job Interview Influences Perceptions Of CompetenceThe interview process is surely one of the most challenging aspects of the job hunting process. But how you look can go a long way in demonstrating you are the right fit.
New Research Shows Wild Blueberries May Help Wounds Close FasterNew research by the University of Maine shows that wild blueberries may have wound-healing properties.