New Bill Would Require Anti-Sex Assault Training For NYC Taxi DriversA new bill being proposed to the City Council would require New York City cab drivers to complete anti-sexual assault training.
Cab Drivers Pull Over, Strike A Pose For Latest CalendarThe calendar also helps raise money for charity. The very first calendar last year raised for $40,000 for University Settlement, a nonprofit group that helps immigrants and low-income families.
City Council Backs Bill Requiring Warning Signs About Assaulting Taxi DriversTaxi drivers’ advocates on Wednesday lauded the City Council for passing a bill requiring stickers in cabs warning of the penalties for assaults on drivers.
Councilman Proposes Black Boxes To Monitor Taxi Drivers' SpeedA plan has been introduced to track New York City cabs, in an effort to curb speeding and other dangerous driving habits.
Program Allows Cabbies To Drive Revelers Home In Own CarsThe New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers on Sunday announced a program in which taxi drivers will make sure both you and your car get home safely if you’ve had one drink too many.
Cabbies Demand Express Lane For Fueling Up, Complain Of Long Daily WaitsNew York cabbies on Monday night were demanding an express lane at local gas stations, as they complained of waiting up to 6 hours a day to refuel.
Survey: Most New Yorkers Fail City's Taxi ExamWhen it comes to geography, New Yorkers don't measure up to the city's foreign-born taxi drivers.
City Council Cracks Down On Sex Trade By Taking Aim At Cab DriversCouncil Speaker Christine Quinn warned that from now on New York City will have zero-tolerance for any taxi owner or driver who facilitates sex trafficking with a vehicle.
Upper West Side Parking Dispute Breaks Out Between Muslim Cab Drivers, ResidentsA neighborhood feud has developed between cab drivers and residents on the Upper West Side. Cabbies say they are being targeted for their religion -- and they're fighting back.
NYC Taxi Drivers Could Be Fined For Honking Horns Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky says cab drivers now run the risk of being fined $350 if they toot their horn.
Police: Long Island Taxi Driver Stabbed Over FareChristopher Heron, 35, was charged with second-degree murder.