Tax Trial For Reality Star, 'The Situation,' Set For DecemberA judge on Thursday set a trial date in early December in the federal tax case against ``Jersey Shore'' star Mike ``The Situation'' Sorrentino and his brother.
Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Delays Court Hearing To Shoot Reality ShowA former member of the ``Jersey Shore'' case is delaying a court hearing in his tax fraud case so he can film another reality TV show.
#Trending In Entertainment: Bieber Vs. Bloom, More Fifty Shades Of Grey, And Lady Gaga's AlbumThis week the craziest, most uneventful showdown in celebrity history happened, a movie trailer is still a big deal, and an odd couple pair up for an album.
Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Arrested After Fight In N.J. Tanning Salon The incident took place at Boca Salon in Middletown at around 2 p.m., police said.
New Jersey Towns Mull Permit Requirement For Film CrewsSome New Jersey towns are reacting to the increasing number of reality shows being filmed in the shore area by considering new ordinances. Town officials say they want to minimize the aggravation for residents.
Juiceheads Rejoice! The Sitch’s Gym, Tanning & Laundry Super Salons Coming Soon
Joke Is On Devils As Kings Fans Taunt Bench With Huge 'Jersey Shore' HeadsThere's a situation in Los Angeles. No, we're not talking about New Jersey's 3-0 hole in the Stanley Cup finals. Sure, that's a problem. But there was literally a Situation.
Gotham Gossipist: The Jersey Shore Is Back On Track For New SeasonIf you thought Italy was entertaining, the show's 6th Season - the season that shall forever more be referred to as the summer of Snooki's withdrawal - will include a sober The Situation, and a pregnant (and hopefully sober) Snooki.
Gotham Gossipist: 'Jersey Shore' House Consistently Vandalized When the camera crew and resident Juice Heads leave, managing the seasonal property for private rental becomes a nightmare.
Gotham Gossipist: Are Snooki And The Situation Out Of Work?Are the powers that be at 495 Productions (aka the masterminds behind MTVs cult-hit "Jersey Shore") down on rehab and pre-marital pregnancy?
Gotham Gossipist: 'The Situation' Reportedly Goes to RehabLet's face it, rehab is bound to happen for everyone involved in MTVs 'Jersey Shore' cast, that being said, TMZ is reporting that 'The Situation,' aka Mike Sorrentino, is the first to take the plunge toward recovery.