Timothy Cardinal Dolan Holds First Public Mass At St. Patrick's Cathedral Since MarchIn a time of great turmoil, the fabled church provided families with comfort and peace.
Religious Leaders Using This Moment In History To Heal, Teach CongregantsCBS2's Vanessa Murdock reports on the messages faith leaders are sending to their congregations today, as pleas to end racial injustice still ring around the world.
Timothy Cardinal Dolan Reacts To President Trump's Push For Houses Of Worship To ReopenThe president said Friday that churches and other houses of worship are essential and should open up despite coronavirus lockdowns continuing in many states.
Coronavirus Update: Pope Francis Sends Message Of 'Love And Concern' For New YorkersCardinal Timothy Dolan says he received a phone call from the pope Tuesday afternoon.
Coronavirus Update: Surreal Easter As Thousands Celebrate Resurrection Of Jesus Christ OnlineEaster is one of the most important days on the Christian calendar, but churches across the area were empty Sunday.
Timothy Cardinal Dolan Leads Easter Vigil Mass At Empty St. Patrick's CathedralOf course, no parishioners were allowed to attend, but it could be seen online.
Timothy Cardinal Dolan Celebrates Mass At Westchester County Church Struck By VandalsThe suspects also knocked over a menorah at Veterans' Field.
Scammers Allegedly Pretending To Be Cardinal Dolan Trying To Trick People Out Of MoneyDolan posted on his official Twitter page that some people have received Facebook or Twitter messages from an account claiming to be him.
Cardinal Dolan: New Laws Restricting Abortion A Direct Response To New York's Reproductive Health ActPro-abortion rights advocates across the country marched Tuesday in protest against new laws restricting abortions in several states.
New Lawsuit Claims Archdiocese Of New York Schemed To Trick Sex Abuse Victims Out Of Suing ChurchAttorney Jeff Herman said Friday that his client was convinced to join the church’s Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program (IRCP) without the aid of an independent lawyer.
Cardinal Dolan Fires Back At Gov. Cuomo, Feud Over Abortion Beliefs GrowsCardinal Dolan is getting fed up with Gov. Cuomo. Dolan called out the former altar boy on Twitter, saying Cuomo linked the archbishop to the so-called "religious right" for his pro-life beliefs.