New Jersey Officials Release List Of Road Work Projects To Be HaltedNew Jersey officials released a list Wednesday of projects funded by the state’s Transportation Fund that will be halted under an executive order issued by Gov. Chris Christie.
NJ Lawmakers Try For Compromise As Transportation Shutdown LoomsThe July 1 deadline has come and gone, but New Jersey officials are still working on a way to pay for new transportation projects.
Christie Shuts Down Highway Work After Dems Reject His Gas Tax PlanNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie issued an executive order late Thursday directing state road projects to cease.
Lawmaker Suggests Adding Tolls To New Jersey Interstates To Replenish Transportation FundA New Jersey lawmaker has floated an idea to put tolls on some interstate highways, so as to create much-needed funding to fix the state roads.
N.J. Senate Proposal Would See Gas Taxes Hiked, Other Taxes Cut For Transportation FundNew Jersey residents would pay more in gas taxes, but would also see estate and retirement income taxes cut and the creation of a charitable tax deduction, under a new state Senate proposal.
Commissioner: N.J. Transportation Trust Fund Could Go Broke This SummerActing New Jersey Transportation Commissioner Richard Hammer said Wednesday that the fund for road and bridge work may go broke this summer.
Talk Of Raising Taxes Expected In Next New Jersey Legislative SessionThe scene was set Thursday for lawmakers to discuss raising taxes in the next session of the New Jersey Legislature.
Compromise May Be Coming On Raising N.J. Gas Tax For Transportation FundThere were hints in New Jersey Friday that state lawmakers may be looking for common ground to find a source for funding road projects.
Debate Revs Up Over Raising New Jersey Gas TaxThe state's Transportation Trust Fund, which gets money from the gas tax, is running out of money needed to repair potholes, bridges and more.
Christie: Transportation Trust Fund 'Not A Crisis At The Moment'Gov. Chris Christie says the state's imperiled transportation trust fund is not ``a crisis at the moment'' and that talks with legislative leaders to replenish it continue.
NJ Senate President Says Transportation Trust Fund Is Key PriorityThe Transportation Trust Fund is set to run out of money at the end of this fiscal year, June 30, to pay for roads and bridge repairs. But Gov. Chris Christie said nothing about it during his budget address Tuesday.