NRDC, Riverkeeper Look At Replacement Options For For Indian PointAn environmental group says that if the Indian Point nuclear plant suffered an accident like the one in Japan, the consequences could be worse.
NRC Chief, NY Congress Members Tour Indian Point Nuke PlantNuclear Regulatory Commission chairman Gregory Jaczko called his tour of Indian Point "very good."
Anti-Radiation Pills Given Out To Residents Near Indian Point Nuclear Power PlantOfficials suggested area residents who previously received liquid Potassium Iodide exchange it, since it may have expired.
Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant On Heightened Alert After Osama Bin Laden's DeathThe outside of the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan looks as it always does, calm. On the inside, it's a different story.
Connecticut Keeps Helping Japan Through Stamford-Based AmeriCaresAmeriCares president Curt Welling told reporters that the third delivery of medical and hygiene supplies is now on it's way from Toyko to Sendai.
NYC Restaurants Using Radiation Detectors On Fish From PacificCould powerful radiation from those reactors in Japan be tainting the fish you're eating here at home? While the government says no, some restaurant owners aren't taking any chances.
Japan Nuclear Crisis Has Rockland County Afraid Of Indian Point"Well, I have, for all of my tenure, believe that Indian Point should not be there and should not be recertified," says Rockland County Executive Scott Vanderhoef.
Westchester Still Concerned About Indian Point Earthquake, EvacuationLamont-Doherty Observatory officials say the worst case scenario would be a 7.9 magnitude earthquake.