United Airlines Flight Out Of Newark Gets Stuck On Tarmac At Air Force Base In Canada For More Than Half A Day Two-hundred fifty passengers were back on the ground in New Jersey on Sunday night, after an in-flight nightmare left them stuck on the tarmac at a small airport in Canada for hours.
United Airlines To Resume Shipping Pets In Cargo Holds, With ExceptionsUnited suspended its pet-shipping operation in March after a French bulldog died after a flight attendant told its owner to put its carrier in an overhead bin and several other dogs were put on wrong flights.
United Suspends Program That Lets Passengers Ship Pets In Cargo HoldsThe announcement comes after the airline mistakenly flew a German shepherd to Japan instead of Kansas and loaded another dog onto the wrong airplane.
N.Y. Lawmaker Unveils Pet Passenger Bill Of Rights, In Wake Of United IncidentThe family of a puppy that died on a United Airlines flight joined animal rights advocates and lawmakers for a demonstration at LaGuardia Airport on Sunday afternoon.
Criminal Investigation Launched Into Dog's Death On United FlightThe dog's owners say a flight attendant ordered the dog to be placed in the plane's overhead bin during a flight from Houston to New York.
Owners Of Dog That Died On United Flight Speak OutIt happened on a United flight Monday night from Houston to New York.
Dog Dies On United Airlines Flight After Being Placed In Overhead BinThe dog died after a flight attendant ordered its owner to put the animal in the plane's overhead bin.
United Airlines Plane Makes Hard Landing In PortlandUnited says Flight 1551 popped a tire during takeoff from Newark Sunday night.
Passengers Brace For Emergency Landing After Engine Cover Comes Off United PlanePassengers on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Honolulu were told to brace for impact after the cover of one of the plane's two engines came off mid-flight.
United Changing Rules For Emotional Support AnimalsStarting March 1, passengers won't be allowed to fly with emotional support animals unless they can provide a vet's note confirming the animals pose no threat to other people.
Emotional Support Peacock Not Allowed Onto Flight To Los AngelesDexter the peacock had a ticket for a United flight from Newark to Los Angeles on Sunday, but the airline wouldn't let the bird on board, citing several reasons including his size and weight.