Coronavirus Frontline Workers Driven To 'Fight The Fight' By Adopt-A-Nurse Facebook Group's CareTwo strangers were brought to tears after social media brought them together: one a nurse, the other a grateful daughter.
Charities Say Money Is Not The Bottom Line As Season Of Raising Awareness Begins Anew Amid Pandemic'Tis the season for great gatherings raising big money for charity.
How Will Coronavirus Pandemic Be Remembered? Historians Are Making Sure Story Is Documented At Every LevelHistorians around the city have projects in the works to make sure every aspect of the coronavirus pandemic gets preserved.
Coronavirus Should Not Stop The World From Celebrating Earth Day From HomeWednesday marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and despite the current call to stay home, there are still many ways you can make the world a better place.
Coronavirus Pandemic Could Have Lasting Impact On The Air We BreatheThere are fewer cars on the road - buses too. Tail pipe emissions are down. So is electricity usage. That's two big reasons air quality is improving, Murdock reported. 
Coronavirus Shutdown Prompts Artist Helen Murdock-Prep To Get Creative, Launch 'Drive-By Museum' On Long IslandWhen Helen Murdock-Prep saw the gallery doors abruptly close due to the coronavirus pandemic, cancelling her watercolor and calligraphy show, an idea came to her. 
Hofstra University's 'Career Closet' For Students Going Strong In Second YearThousands of pieces of professional clothing are free for the taking for Hofstra University students.
CUNY Expert Shares Insight On Mysterious Radio Burst 500 Million Light Years Away, Hitting Earth Every 16 MinutesIn a galaxy far, far away - like, 500 million light-years away - something big is happening, and scientists on Earth can detect it.
Unique Valentine's Day Ideas: Make Your Own Truffles, Upcycled Flowers & Body PaintingValentine’s Day is tomorrow, and it’s not too late to get your hands on a unique gift. CBS2’s Vanessa Mudock checked out some ideas.
FDA Approves Palforzia, First-Of-Its-Kind Peanut Allergy ImmunotherapyAbout one million children in the U.S. live with peanut allergies. For some families, it's a never-ending worry. Now there's hope to lessen that stress.
Council Bill Proposes Ban On RoundUp Chemical Glyphosate Amid Cries Of 'Environmental Racism'The Black Institute asserts the city engaged in "environmental racism" by using the pesticide more frequently and at higher concentrations in parks used by people of color.
Salon On Long Island Offers Free Day Of Pampering To Women Who Have Gone 'Above And Beyond'To mark Anthony DeFranco Salon & Spa's 30th anniversary, makeovers were in order. So DeFranco requested nominations of ordinary women who do extraordinary things. 
115th New York Boat Show Opens At Javits CenterThe New York Boat Show sets sail Wednesday at the Javits Center, and runs through Sunday.
How Normal Is The Recent Series Of Earthquakes In Puerto Rico, And Is The End In Sight?The island of Puerto Rico hasn't stopped trembling since late December with recent earthquakes began. 
Plant-Based Diet Becoming A Way Of Life For ManyThe owner of a local company says there are several reasons to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, and it doesn't mean giving up meat all the time.