Best Boating Adventures In NYCHow to kayak off Staten Island, dock at Wall Street, canoe into Queens, and more.
30 Newark Public Schools Shut Down Drinking Water Due To Elevated Lead LevelsThe Newark Public Schools system is supplying the schools with alternate water for drinking and for food preparation.
Study: Drinking Water Reduces Risk Of Childhood ObesityA new study found that thousands of New York City School children lost weight and lowered their BMI after self-serve water dispensers were places in schools.
New Harvard Health Letter Suggests Drinking 30 To 50 Ounces Of Water Per DayFluids carry nutrients to your cells, push bacteria from your bladder and prevent dehydration.
Hundreds Head To The Shore For The Holiday WeekendIt's a weekend of fun in the sun and sand for many in our area, but before you head to the shore, there are some tips that will help keep you and your family safe on the water.
New Jersey State Police Step Up Patrols Of Area WaterwaysTroopers say the water is much like the highways on Memorial Day weekend, there's a lot of congestion.
Officials: Chlorine-Like Smell In Union County Water Safe, To Last For Several WeeksSomething is in the water in several New Jersey towns, and it doesn't pass the smell test. Unfortunately, the problem will linger for several weeks.
Yonkers, Mount Vernon Residents Left Without Water For Hours When NYC Closes ValveThousands of people in Westchester County lost water service for a few hours Wednesday, when New York City workers closed a major valve without notifying the affected communities.
New Data Shows Alarming Nitrogen Levels In Long Island's WaterwaysIn a startling new study by Stony Brook scientists, more than two-thirds of the Island's coastal waters this summer showed poor to lethal amounts of oxygen.
New Jersey Businessman Admits Stealing $100,000 Worth Of WaterA New Jersey businessman has admitted his role in a conspiracy to steal $100,000 in water, said Attorney Paul J. Fishman.
Bay Shore Residents Raise A Stink About Sewage SmellThe storm is over, but there’s a new problem in the air for Long Island residents