New York Weather: 12/2 CBS2 Monday Winter Storm ForecastThe first day back to work and school for most since before Thanksgiving is off to a messy and wintry start.
11/9 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesWe'll be dodging some drops this afternoon, but it's nothing we can't handle, just be sure to have the umbrella handy.
10/10 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesIt's another warm one today — we may even be able to add a degree or two to yesterday — getting us well into the 70s, if not to the 80° mark.
7/9 Monday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesSkies are clear and bright, and temperatures are going to spike by this afternoon. We will almost hit 90!
7/4 FOURTH OF JULY Wednesday Afternoon WeatherWe have yet another hot & humid day ahead - but it won't be quite as brutal as yesterday. Expect high temps mainly in the upper 80s, with some low 90s.
7/3 Tuesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesOnce again, we're aiming for that 90° mark — and likely surpassing it! Outside of that, expect a few drenching downpours, especially inland.
6/29 Friday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesOur temps are on the upswing this afternoon as we make a run for the 90° mark.
6/28 Thursday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesWe'll catch a break early this afternoon before our second round of showers and storms move through.
6/27 Wednesday Afternoon Weather Headlines It will be another below normal day with temps only climbing into the mid and upper 70s. Showers will push in tonight with the best chance overnight.
6/25 Monday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesExpect a moonlit sky tonight with generally lighter winds around the area.
6/22 Friday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesTemperatures will be more of a struggle today with the added cloud cover and east wind, low to mid 70s or so.