New York Weather: CBS2 12/9 Monday Afternoon ForecastPeriods of rain are expected through this evening, which could be heavy at times. After that we should see a bit of a lull through tomorrow morning with perhaps a shower here and there or some light rain.
New York Weather: CBS2 12/9 Monday Morning ForecastMake sure you have the umbrella, rain boots & rain coat ready as you head out the's gonna be a wet start to the week as rain will be likely through the day, and could be briefly heavy in spots.
New York Weather: 12/8 CBS2 Sunday Morning ForecastIf you're out and about early you will need to pack on the layers with temps in the teens and 20s.
New York Weather: 12/7 CBS2 Saturday Morning ForecastWe have some nice skies this weekend, with some cold temps. Saturday is bright, but blustery, and temps top off between 34-39°.
New York Weather: CBS2 12/6 Friday Afternoon ForecastWe're looking at a mostly cloudy day with perhaps a passing shower this afternoon. Temperatures will climb to around normal, but it will be breezy out there, so it will feel like the 30s for the better part of the day.
New York Weather: 12/6 CBS2 Friday Morning ForecastWe have a cold start around the area today. Temps in the lower 30s and upper 20s to begin, and we only get up to 43° or so.
New York Weather: CBS2 12/5 Thursday ForecastExpect a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon with a cold breeze in place. Temperatures should get into the low 40s, but with the wind, it will only feel like the 30s.
New York Weather: CBS2 12/4 Wednesday Afternoon ForecastShowers and flurries are possible tonight, especially west and south, but as they approach the city they will try and fizzle out.
New York Weather: CBS2 12/3 Tuesday Afternoon ForecastIt's looking much better out there this afternoon than it did this morning. And we may reach 40° on the thermometer, but because of those winds it will only feel like the 20s and 30s, so bundle up.
New York Weather: CBS2 12/3 Tuesday Morning ForecastWe can expect a windy and sunny day today as temps bounce back close to 40 degrees.
New York Weather: CBS2 12/2 Monday Afternoon ForecastSnow will fill in this afternoon and evening with locally heavier snow where banding sets up. That said, expect slippery conditions on the roads with a light snow accumulation.