Westhoff: Jets' Handling Of Tebow Was 'An Absolute Mess'"It was a mess," Westhoff said in a radio interview Friday. "It was an absolute mess. You can say however else you want, it was really a mess. I was very, very disappointed."
Reports: Tim Tebow Asked Out Of Running Wildcat For JetsTebow said "it just happened" that he didn't play in the package usually reserved for him, but multiple reports said he actually asked out of running the wildcat earlier in the week.
Tebow: Jets Have History Of 'Talking Too Much'; Sparano Defends PlanWhen asked about his playing time in a recent interview, the typically guarded Tim Tebow offered a surprising critique of the loud-and-proud culture under coach Rex Ryan.
Rex, Jets Sticking With Sanchez As 'Tebow Time' Builds BuzzWhile the Jets are standing by Mark Sanchez right now, perhaps their biggest potential playmaker - Tim Tebow - is mostly just standing by.
Dyer: Mark Sanchez Will Benefit Most From Tebow, Jets' WildcatMission already accomplished for the Wildcat. With all the focus on what Tim Tebow’s role is going to be, his part in the Jets' offense is flying under the radar.
Jets' Sparano: 'We Want TDs, Not FGs'; Wildcat Remains Top SecretYeah, we know the Jets still haven't found the end zone. Then there's the other elephant in the room. It has been shrouded in secrecy for months, a topic too taboo for any players to discuss at length - or in some cases, at all.
Sanchez: TD-Less Jets Saving 'Good Stuff' For Regular SeasonThree preseason games. Seven field goals. No touchdowns. Jets fans haven't seen much to be excited about so far — particularly from the offense.
Schwartz: Jets Out To Turn Around Offensive Offense SundayNFL fans know the football anthem “I’ve Been Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.” But the more appropriate title for a song leading into Sunday night’s Jets-Panthers game would be: “I’ve Been Waiting All Preseason for a Jets Touchdown.”
Schwartz: Jets Get Helping Hand From Old Friend Chad Pennington As far as this theory that a starting quarterback’s rhythm can be disrupted by the Wildcat, Pennington says that’s nonsense.
Palladino: Jets Fans, Tebow Time Coming Quicker Than You Think The Jets better figure out their pass protection before they're stuck with a gimmick-based offense, led by a gimmick quarterback.
Tebow, Jets Unveil Hush-Hush Wildcat Package At PracticeShhh! The Jets worked on the wildcat. Yes, Tim Tebow was involved, of course. And the elusive backup quarterback felt pretty good doing it.