There was a lot of great food and food events to be had in 2011, from The Meatball Shop opening in Williamsburg to the opening of Smorgasburg. Here are some of the best meals to be had in 2011. By Siobhan Wallace.

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Coppelia, a Cuban diner on West 14th Street, opened in April 2011 and brought us delicious Latin dishes available 24/7. One of our favorites is the chicharron salad, greens topped with a fried egg and chicharrons (fried pork skins). It’s the perfect balance of healthy and completely unhealthy for an after-drinks meal.

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The Rockaway boardwalk has been steadily improving their food options since the opening of Rockaway Taco a few years ago. This year, they got a few of Brooklyn and Manhattan-based best to serve up delicious grub. The burgers available at Rippers includes meat from Brooklyn’s Meat Hook, and is one of the few places in New York where you can sit with a beer a few feet from the beach.

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Every February, Clinton Street Baking Co. goes all out for Pancake Month. From Monday through Friday, they feature a different special pancake meal, and this year they had Blackberry Pancakes with Lemon Curd. It was the most perfect way to remember that spring and summer will inevitably come, even though there’s slushy blizzard happening outside.

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The Lower East Side’s The Meatball Shop opened its Williamsburg extension this year, giving the young partying masses a great place to eat good and cheap until very late in the night. Their lamb meatballs done up classically with red sauce and mozzarella is wonderful anytime of day, but just right after evening drinks or coming home late from the office.

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This spring, the folks behind the Brooklyn Flea brought us Smorgasburg: An weekly outdoor bazaar specifically set up for food. The event quickly become the hottest thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. One of the standout vendors was Bon Chovie, who served up delicious fried anchovies that had the perfect balance of greasy finger food and briny fishiness. Be sure to check them out when Smorgasburg reopens April 7th.

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