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Photo Credit: Proper West

Photo Credit: Proper West

Proper West
54 West 39th Street
New York, NY 10018
(212) 997-9000

Alright guys, you know what this Sunday is: The Super Bowl.

This means that Sunday will be the day you wake up, shake off the remnants of your Saturday night shenanigans, put your lucky jersey on and head to Proper West to watch the big game.

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Why Proper West? Because this monster sized spot is the crème da la crème of sports bars, with the downstairs completely dedicated to the big game, and the upstairs completely dedicated to being an insane club, making it the perfect place for you to watch your team dominate, while simultaneously keeping all of your non-football-enthusiast pals amused.

When you get there, walk in and find a seat near a TV. Oh wait, Proper West has over 5,000 square feet of flat screen TV’s so you literally can’t find a seat that’s not near one, which is pure perfection. Then, depending on how thirsty you are and if your team is actually playing or not, go ahead and order one of the signature cocktails. If you brought your uninterested girlfriend along, do yourself a favor and order one of each, you’re gonna need ‘em.

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After all those delicious drinks, and probably a brew or two (no shame amigo, it is the Super Bowl after all), you’re probably going to need some food so you can actually stay awake long enough to make it through the fourth quarter and then to the crazy dance party upstairs. Order some of the delicious apps like the parmesan truffle fries and the Proper Wings, as well as some of the mains like the New York Strip Steak and the Bison Mesquite Burger, and chow down like the football watching man you are.

Now sit back, watch the game and pray that Katy Perry doesn’t have some sort of Janet Jackson-esque nip slip during the half time show, that would certainly not be on fleek.

By Stephanie Hartmann

Stephanie Hartmann writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for CBS New York.