(credit: Little Miss Party Planner)

(credit: Little Miss Party Planner)

Little Miss Party Planner is a boutique party planning company that strives to meet the individual needs of its clients. How little or how much it is involved in the creation of your special event is up to you. Little Miss Party Planner’s clients include major companies such as Vanity Fair and Lee. Be sure to check out its fun blog and social media accounts for tips for your next holiday event!

Seri Kertzner and Michelle Bachman
Little Miss Party Planner
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Seri Kertzner and Michelle Bachman are the women behind Little Miss Party Planner. Seri is Toronto born and moved to New York City in 2001. Seri worked a decade in the fashion industry at companies such as Kate Spade, Club Monaco and J. Crew. Michelle holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Virginia Tech and has worked in the fashion industry for 10 years at J. Crew. Seri and Michelle came together to launch Little Miss Party Planner in the summer of 2011 because as they note, “They realized they shared a passion for entertaining and celebrating life’s precious moments.” Read on for some helpful tips from Seri and Michelle on how to select the best hostess gift this holiday season.

Tip 1: Know Your Host

If you’ve been invited over to someone’s home this holiday season, that means you probably know each other pretty well. One of the best ways to make a lasting impression is to select a gift that matches the host’s style. Do they like to cook or are they more of a gardener? Only you know the host best. One suggestion from Little Miss Party is a chevron slate tray, which might help you find your way into your host’s heart.

Tip 2: Trends Aren’t For Everyone

Sure, a lot of people might be into something like pumpkin-spiced sugar or a kale smoothie, but it may not necessarily be for everyone. Stick with something that’s classic and the host can still “be into” years and years from now. A garlic and oil dipper from Sturbridge Pottery is just one suggestion from the ladies at Little Miss Party. They also suggest that this gift idea will allow you to  “show up with a loaf of crusty Italian bread to soak up all of the garlicky goodness,” which might be a way to score bonus points with the host.

Tip 3: Stick To The Simple

The overly complicated gadget that you saw late one night on the Home Shopping Network might have sounded like a good idea at the time but if it’s so complicated that you’d never use it yourself, ditch it. Seri and Michelle recommend something simpler such as an archipelago botanicals fragrance diffuser. They state that, “Your host’s house will never smell better after she uses this diffuser. The fragrance oil is absorbed into the natural bamboo sticks and will give any space a fresh, long-lasting scent for months.”

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Tip 4: Watch Out For Allergies

Causing your host to have an allergic reaction to your gift is most likely not the best way to earn an invite back next year. So in order to avoid this, Little Miss Party urges you to avoid items that might contain nuts/seeds just to be on the safe side. What would be a better idea instead? They suggest, “A little bubbly because it’s the holidays after all.” If you’re still at a loss, try a Veuve Clicquot Rose.

Tip 5: Stick To The Basics

It can’t be mentioned enough, keep it simple. Your host may practically be a Rachael Ray protégée or spending her first night in the kitchen, but either way, sticking to the basics is you best bet to make a positive impression. Seri and Michelle say, “Basics are always needed – pretty dish towels, an oil dispenser, a good vegetable peeler or a garlic press are all good examples.” Are you in need of something specific? A Dean and Deluca sweet breakfast basket might be the perfect choice.

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