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Traveling from New York City to Europe can be exciting, fun and thrilling. Visiting Europe means more than just planning an itinerary of where you want to go. With so many regions and countries in Europe, you’ll want to make sure that you are well equipped for a pleasant trip. Travel expert Ginny Caragol, from New York City-based Valerie Wilson Travel, offers tips on what to pack for your trip to Europe.
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Ginny Caragol is director of leisure business development for Valerie Wilson Travel. Regularly talking to clients and learning about destinations, Caragol is the perfect expert to offer necessary tips for planning a trip to Europe.

Tip 1: Know The Weather

Depending on the destination and time of year, weather can vary greatly. Caragol explains that keeping an eye on the weather is extremely important. Is it summer or winter, very hot or maybe its the rainy season? The weather will help you decide if you need lots of sweaters to bundle up or lightweight clothes if it is very hot.

Tip 2: Know Your Type Of Trip

When traveling Europe, there are many choices in types of trips you might take. Will the trip be very active with walking, biking and hiking? Or maybe it will be more of a sightseeing and cultural trip. For an active trip, you’ll need to pack gear with cultural appropriateness in mind. As Caragol points out, certain areas of Europe may require careful planning when it comes to what you wear depending on the culture and religious beliefs in the region.

Tip 3: Create And Write A Packing List

Once you have decided on the type of trip, the weather and requirements, it is important to be organized and prepared with a packing list. Caragol states some must-haves when packing for your European vacation.

  1. Great walking shoes — no matter what you are doing or where you are going you will need to walk.
  2. Comfortable clothes — bring light clothes that can be layered to carry you from a chilly morning to a warmer afternoon and a cooler evening.
  3. Another must-have is a very light windbreaker that is easy to pack and will provide protection in the rain and wind.
  4. A small fold up umbrella that will pack easily and provide big coverage in the rain is also a great idea.
  5. Caragol explains that even when traveling to a warm climate, you should always have a sweater or pashmina to be prepared for chilly air conditioning and air travel.
  6. Always take a swimsuit, Caragol emphasizes. Even when heading to a colder destination, be prepared for an indoor pool or hot tub.
  7. If the trip includes some formal outings such as a lovely dinner or a night out at the theater, then be prepared with some dress up pieces with shoes and a small purse in the same color pallet that can be interchanged and reworked to create several looks.

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Tip 4: Keep Important Items In Your Carry-On Luggage

Whether just a smart phone or a tablet and laptop as well, be prepared to plug in your technology. Understand what the outlet and electricity requirements are for your destination in order to be prepared with the right adapters. In addition, take an extra battery backup charger for your phone. Have a copy of your passport and credit cards in a secure file in your computer. If you need to bring a lot of cash, then take a money belt as well. If needed, take an extra pair of eyeglasses and / or contacts and have extra important medicines to be prepared for an extended stay if needed. Caragol points out that you should always travel with a small flashlight as well.

Tip 5: A GPS Will Keep You On Track

Make sure to have a local GPS. This will allow you to know where you are and how to get to destinations if you are driving, walking or biking. They are especially helpful in a destination where there may be a language barrier if directions are needed.

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