(Credit: Clipart)

(Credit: Clipart)

Cindy Lee Designs is a jewelry and accessory company that works to meet the individual needs of its clients. The company specializes specifically in personalized items. Items available at Cindy Lee Designs include pendants, earrings, bracelets, bridal bouquet charms, memory pins, cell phone charms, rings, wine charms, key chains, hair accessories, wine bottle stoppers and even a “Santa’s Key.” Be sure to check out its Facebook and Twitter account at @CindyLeeDesigns for tips for your next gift ideas.

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Cindy Lee is the woman behind Cindy Lee Designs. Cindy started the company as a hobby after her son went away to college. She got the idea to make pendants after the death of her stepfather and as she says, “Wanted to give my mom something to remember him by. I searched the Internet for ideas and came up with the idea of a memorial pendant with his picture.” Three years later, the business has grown to include a wide assortment of accessories and jewelry. Read on for some helpful tips from Cindy on do-it-yourself gift ideas for this holiday season.

Tip 1: Snow Globes

Looking for a homemade gift idea for the child in your life? Cindy suggests waterless snow globes or advent calendars as a great DIY gift idea to delight youngsters this holiday season. Supplies needed for the snow globes can be purchased inexpensively at your local dollar store such as Jack’s 99 Cent Store in Midtown.

Tip 2: Soaps and Candles

Candles and soaps don’t have to just come from the local chain store, they can be made by you. Cindy Lee Designs suggests these items as the perfect gifts to give to those wanting a homemade touch. Cindy notes that, “Michaels Arts and Crafts has the supplies needed to make your own scented soaps, body scrubs and candles.” Looking for something local? Check out the soap making classes at Make Meaning located on the Upper East Side.

Tip 3: Re-purpose

The perfect item for your DIY holiday gift idea might already be located in your house, apartment or local Goodwill thrift store. Ms. Lee says, “Goodwill has wonderful items to use for re-purposing things such as tea cups to use when making candles. Picture frames can be used for framing your child’s artwork or for making jewelry holders.” The key is using existing items in a new way, which will be sure to bring a smile to the face of that special person on your holiday gift list.

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Tip 4: Gift Baskets

Personalization is an important aspect of the products that Cindy Lee Designs creates. Cindy mentions, “My favorite pieces to make are personalized items. This is something that I am honored to provide for my customers,” so it is no wonder that one tip she has is to create individualized gift baskets for loved ones this holiday. For example, Cindy created a “Stay at Home Dinner and a Movie” basket for a couple she knew didn’t like to go out. Pasta, sauce, breadsticks, movies, popcorn, candy and a blanket are the items she chose, but the possibilities are endless to meet your DIY gift goals.

Tip 5: Knitting

Who doesn’t love to receive an item such as a scarf or sweater knitted especially for them for the holidays? Fabric and knitting stores like Knitty City and Downtown Yarns have knitting looms and yarn that can be used for even novice knitters to create blankets and scarves. Knitting is the perfect way to make a gift affordably from scratch. As Cindy mentions, homemade items are “a wearable memory that they are proud to wear.”

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