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It’s hard not to look longingly toward spring as New York City temperatures dip further into the below zero range. And though temperatures are still chillier than most would like, spring has technically arrived! So why not get a head start on ideas for the outfit you’ll wear on that first warm day? Hommeschooled, a lifestyle blog that focuses on fashion and interior design, has five of the best spring fashion trends for New Yorkers. Hommeschooled is based in Brooklyn and “serves as a visual guide to exceptional menswear style and interior design solutions for both men and women.” The blog mainly focuses on how-to’s, emerging brands and visual inspiration. Make sure to check the blog out at hommeschooled.com and follow them on Twitter @hommeschooled and Instagram for the latest updates.

Dale Henriques

Dale Henriques, an advertising producer by trade, is the man behind Hommeschooled. He is Brooklyn based and has helmed Hommeschooled since 2013. Hommeschooled is centered on the fashion and interior design scene of New York. Henriques describes the blog as “a cutting edge selection of beautiful things and how and why to get them.” Since Hommeschooled’s origin, he has held many different titles on the site from photographer, author and graphic designer to his current role, editor in chief of his “small but talented staff.” Read on for some of the best spring fashion trends for men in New York City from Dale.

Tip 1: Banded Collared Shirts

What’s the first fashion tip from Hommeschooled for this spring? Well, Dale Henriques suggests men get rid of the traditional collar. He says, “Lose the collar altogether and go with a banded collar for a little nonchalant elegance.” Why, you ask? Dale notes that it’s, “because there’s really only one way to go after you have three spread, cutaway, semi-spread, point, and tab collars.”

Tip 2: Sneakers

Your feet will thank you this spring, because sneakers will be back this year. Hommeschooled notes that men will be choosing sneakers over brogues this spring. The reason behind this is because they are lighter and more walking friendly for the always mobile New Yorker. Dale adds that sneakers are back “because of Yeezy’s, the proliferation of athletic and cuffed pants, and new Nike and Adidas technical running offerings.” Another great aspect to sneakers is they can be found on both the high-end and low-end of the spectrum, so there’s something for everyone.

Tip 3: Sportswear

It seems that this spring will be all about comfort. Athletic sandals, jogging pants, fitted bomber jackets and baseball hats are all fashion trends that Hommschooled states will make their triumphant return in spring. However, these familiar items will lean toward fabrics that are more technical. Dale quips, “Are you going to a runway show or for a jog? That’s a legitimate question now.” Sportswear will make it trendy to go casual for both day and night.

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Tip 4: Double Breasted Suits

The double-breasted suit is a classic style that never truly went away. It rose to popularity between the 1930s and 1950s and then made a comeback in the 1980s and 1990s. Now this spring, Hommeschooled says that they’ll rise again in popularity as a great spring trend. Linen double-breasted suits, especially, will be popular.

Tip 5: 90s Fashion

If the existence of new television shows based in the ’90s such as “Hindsight” and “Fresh Off the Boat” are any inclination, the ‘90s are back and they are back in a big way. Hommeschooled suggests that the ’90s have even made reappearance in fashion. This spring, Dale says that ’90s fashion will be a big trend. He notes, “a resurgence in ’90s fashion with updated silhouettes has come full circle. Now no longer normcore alone, the masses have embraced stone washed jeans, hoodies, and Tims, so it’s only right that the trend will continue on into spring with bowling shirts, short sleeved button downs, and denim.” Denim in particular, will be the big thing from the ’90s making a comeback, so take a look into your closet and see if you can dig up that jean jacket you loved 20 years ago.

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