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Parents are a huge part of our lives. They don’t just give us life – they care for us, love us unconditionally and guide us to become happy, successful adults.

On June 19, we celebrate all the father figures in our lives whether it be your dad, uncle, step father, or any male role model you look up to. Loida Rivera from Brooklyn, NY offered her expert advice on what the most popular and possibly the best gifts may be for Father’s day.

Loida Rivera

Shoppers World
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Helpful sales associate, Loida Rivera, knows what to get dads this year. After working in retail at Shopper’s World for over seventeen years, she is well-informed on what’s trending and what everyone is buying and can even suggest ideas outside of the store. Rivera goes out of her way to help customers find just what they need or want and she did just that for us, offering insightful suggestions on what the best gifts for Father’s Day are.

Barbecue/Outdoor Activities

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With summer just around the corner, it’s time for barbecues and camping. Find a new tool for the grill or camping equipment — such as a backpack or cooler. This gift won’t be just for him, either –it’s a great excuse for everyone to get together as he shows off his cooking/grilling skills in the backyard or in the woods at a camping site.

Gym Equipment

lifting weights

If your dad or father-figure loves the gym, he will definitely love some new fitness gear. Items such as a new gym bag, weights, a Fitbit (or anything that can track heart rate, calories burned and/or steps, etc.) and workout clothes are among the few gifts Rivera suggests.


Everyone has their own interests. For the tech-savvy dad, you can get anything tech-related and he will enjoy it. Tablets, video games, headphones and cameras are among the few tech items that will keep him entertained and happy. “Even watches no longer just tell time, they do so much more. Though, the classic watch is also something he might like”, says Rivera.

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(credit: Twitter/@Mets)

(credit: Twitter/@Mets)

Sports Wear, Equipment, and/or Sports Tickets

“Every man loves some kind of sport- whether it be football, basketball, baseball, golf or whatever,” Rivera said.”You can get your dad something sports-related and I’m sure they’ll love it.”

Popular sports gifts include clothing, sporting equipment such as golf clubs and baseball mitts, or tickets to watch their favorite team play when they are in town.

Dress Shirts/Tie Gift Set

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(Credit: Thinkstock)

Needless to say, dress shirts and ties are one of the most popular items during this time of year. They’re also very versatile; dad can wear them to work or dress it down with some jeans for a night out.


Who doesn’t love to smell good? Cologne is another best-selling item during Father’s Day. Since it all depends on your dad’s age and preference, Rivera suggests asking any sales person what’s the best for his liking. Men also tend to have a favorite and stick to it — if he does, you can help restock his supply and buy him another.


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Photo Credit: Thinkstock

This gift can be pricey but for the hard-working dad, it’s something he will truly enjoy.

“My husband doesn’t take time off, he’s always working. Just a weekend away, even if it’s still here in New York, would be nice for him and any father who works hard,” Rivera said.

Stay within your price range by keeping it local and short.

To sum it up, Rivera explained to ultimately find the right gift, it all comes down to what your dad likes. It’s always the thought that counts and knowing his interests will help you find the perfect gift he will love, no matter how big or small the gift may be.