(Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

There are tons of photographers in the New York City area, and some of the best ones have accounts on social media. Whether it’s a basic picture of an apple, a view of New York City’s streets, or a portrait of a fashionable model on set, the pictures you’ll find will have you living vicariously through each photographer. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the each of these photographers then has millions of words for you. For photo envy of the highest degree, these are the five best photographers on Instagram right now.

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Alice Gao

If you’re looking for artsy pictures of apartment interiors and beautiful seascapes, follow Alice Gao. Even a bowl full of peaches looks real enough to eat right off the screen. Gao’s close to 1 million followers love her photography style, infusing light into everything she shoots. Gao also maintains a blog where she posts about the people and places she has seen and photographed. Notes about fashion and culture remind New Yorkers about the beauty of the city.

Humza Deas

Born in Brooklyn in 1997, Mr. Deas is not yet 20 years old, but he has already made a name for himself as a fantastic photographer. Originally aiming to be a professional skateboarder, Deas is now happy to scale to the highest points in New York City to give his followers a unique perspective of the Big Apple. He has been featured on multiple news sites and currently sells prints off of his website. His shots of New York City at night are particularly stunning.

Adam Goldberg

If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try in New York City, or really anywhere, check out Adam Goldberg’s Instagram account. A self-proclaimed foodie who is actually a programmer by day, Goldberg travels around the globe to bring you some delicious-looking pictures of food and places. You might not want to view his pictures when you’re hungry though – you might just end up eating your phone! Goldberg also runs a blog of the same name and is editor-in-chief of both Drift and Ambrosia Magazines, both of which are foodie favorites.

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Dondre Green

For colorful, unique portraits of New Yorkers in action, Dondre Green’s site is your best bet. Often using the city’s graffitied walls as a backdrop, Green’s photographs give his subjects the burst of life that they’re looking for. Geometric interiors, outdoor patterns and energetic New Yorkers are what you’ll find on this Instagram account. Green also runs his own blog and leads the Instagram account @bronxnarratives, which tells stories of the borough through pictures.

David Doubilet

With a home base in New York City, Doubilet’s job as a National Geographic photographer takes him all around the globe. A photographer, speaker and author, Doubilet focuses on underwater ecosystems and the animals that call the ocean home. If you’re feeling stuck at work or home, log on to instagram to check out the latest pictures Doubilet has taken. From flying fish to glowing jellyfish, a baby sea turtle to the open mouth of a grey seal, you don’t even need to stop by the zoo to get an education on sea creatures.

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