For most of us, last weekend disappeared in a haze of Snomaggedon and something like 105 billion pounds of snow. Make up for it this weekend by attending a film festival (or two), racing a crazy cart around the city, and/or eating your way through a variety of southern specialties. Read on to learn more. By Jessica Allen.

A festival of dance, FLICfest stands for “Feature Length Independent Choreography,” and seeks to “bring great performance[s] to a new audience as well as create a strong sense of community and a forum for the exchange of ideas among independent choreographers.” Two feature-length works and cabaret performances—including work by Taylor Drury as well as Hattie Mae Williams and the Tattooed Ballerinas—will be held each night. Thursday, January 21, through Saturday, January 30, see schedule for details, tickets required.

Brought to you by Bronx Stage & Film, a nonprofit dedicated to film and theater, the Bronx International Film Festival seeks to promote the Bronx as a cultural destination and showcase promising performers and filmmakers from the borough and beyond. Check out 12 Steps, about a group of men trying to live their dreams, and We Know You Have a Choice, about a powerful woman who meets her match in “customer service.” Friday, January 22, through Sunday, January 31, see schedule for details, tickets required.

“Explore, Discover, Protect” goes the tagline for the New York Wild Film Festival, which showcases documentaries that extol the “spirit of exploration and adventure” and portray our planet in all its glory. Jonathan Demme will be honored at this year’s festival for his documentary What’s Motivating Hayes about an investigative biologist. Other events include panel discussions, Q&As, and, of course, a multitude of screenings. Thursday, January 28, through Sunday, January 31, see schedule for details, tickets required.

The Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival will turn your weekend into something truly memorable. It offers unlimited samples of 40-odd bourbons and 60-something beers, along with tons and tons of BBQ (think pulled pork ribs, brisket, and ribs from restaurants like Tres Carnes and Dinosaur Bar-B-Que), seminars and discussions, and lots and lots of bluegrass. It’s pretty much a southern bonanza. Saturday, January 30, several sessions to choose from, see website for details, tickets required, must be 21+.

Do you have to be an idiot to participate in the Idiotarod? Nope, not exactly. Does it help? Well . . . we’ll leave that question unanswered. Sponsored by the “Department of Homeland Absurdity,” the Idiotarod features costume-wearing teams racing tricked out shopping carts around the streets of New York City. The annual event will take place regardless of rain, sleet, snow, or wintry mix, so make sure your superhero tights or slutty princess garb allows for long underwear. There will be prizes! Saturday, January 30, free, registration required.