“I can fit a lot of junk in my trunk.”

The Ride
The Driver: Anthony
Car in Question: 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i
Spotted at: Parish of St. Agnes Cathedral, Rockville Center, N.Y. 11570
Odometer: 43,824
Car’s Nickname: Prez


Q: Hi Anthony. Welcome to Defend Your Ride New York! Where are we and what brings you here?

A: We are in Rockville Center, right by St. Agnes Cathedral. I am running some errands and on my way to pick up an espresso right now. I live pretty close to here, so it’s a good place to get things done.

Q: Do you have a nickname for your car?

A: I call my car Prez, which is short for Impreza, not president. I like to say, I am taking the Prez out, or I’m going out with the Prez.

Q: What features do you like about your car?

A: Having a hatchback is great. I can fit a lot of junk in my trunk, especially with the seats down. I also love how low I can adjust the front seats. They hug you and practically become bucket seats. I need to be comfortable considering I spend a lot of time in my car. Also, the brakes are strong and responsive and have kept me out of many fender benders. What can I say, people drive too slow around here.

Q: Where do you mostly drive?

A: I have a 30 mile commute to work, so five days a week I am in my car at least a couple of hours. I’ve become very close with the Southern State Parkway these days. I don’t mind the commute though, since it’s the only alone time I get.

Q: That’s cool. Is there anything specific that makes your commute more enjoyable?

A: I like to listen to books in the car. It makes the commute go by faster. I also feel like I am being productive with all the time I spend driving. If I am not listening to a book though, I am likely listening to music.

Q: Nice. So I guess you are happy with the radio and sound system?

A: My auxiliary port is key. I love that I can plug in my iPod or phone whenever I want. That makes it very easy to listen to books and tunes. The car also came with a six CD changer, which is often occupied by my Roxy Music collection.

Q: Can you share an interesting story with us involving your car?

A: One winter, I was driving on the Southern State Parkway and two SUVs spun out in front of me. Prez had no problem handling the conditions and cruised right by them. I was able to slow down quick enough in order to avoid contact. I had a greater appreciation of my car that day when I realized the traction is really amazing. At that point, I was sure I made the right choice by getting this car.

Photos and interview by Steven Markovits

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