“I live in Staten Island, but my friends live in Brooklyn.”

The Ride
The Driver: David
Car in Question: Black Nissan Pathfinder 2004
Spotted at: Atlantic Terminal, 4th Ave. and Pacific St. Brooklyn, NY 11217
Odometer: 140,704


Q: Are you running errands today? Just driving around?

A: I’m shopping right now, going over to Target. I’ve got to pick up a thing or two. To get all my electronic needs and wants.

Q: Do you live around here near Atlantic Terminal?

A: I live in Staten Island, but my friends live in Brooklyn. They live in Sunset Park.

Q: Close enough! What made you pick the Pathfinder?

A: It was convenient. I like big cars like this. I might get a smaller car because it’s fuel efficient, but I have no specific one. There are so many out there. Maybe a Volkswagen GTI or a Jetta because I’ve noticed I waste a lot of gas!

Q: That must especially be true because you are driving in the city. Let’s say you could get one free upgrade to your Pathfinder. What would it be?

A: For this car, I’d get high beam lights. More visibility when I drive!

Q: What’s your favorite thing to listen to while driving?

A: Techno and trance music. It’s just the beat and the rhythm. It’s really energetic. Keeps me awake while I’m driving.

Photos and interview by Chinae Alexander

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