“The wheels on the bus go round and round.”

The Ride
The Driver: Larry
Car in Question: 2011 Chevy School Bus
Spotted on: Park Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10153
Odometer: 37,000


Q: Welcome to Defend Your Ride New York. Can you tell me your name and tell me where we are today?

A: My name is Larry and we are here in New York City on Park Avenue.

Q: What brings you here today Larry?

A: I’m transporting kids to and from their destination.

Q: Are they making Chevy hybrids yet?

A: No, not yet, but soon I hope. Right now they just make them gas and diesel.

Q: If you could go anywhere on a trip in your vehicle, where would you go?

A: If I could go anywhere, I’d take it on down to Florida. It’s a little warmer and there’s wide open space.

Q: What is the farthest that you’ve had to drive this school bus?

A: Not too far, Long Island.

Q: What are the rules for the kids when they get on the school bus?

A: No food. No eating. Sit down. Buckle up and sing along.

Q: Do you guys listen to music on the bus?

A: We do a little singalong with the kids.

Q: That’s great. What do you like to sing?

A: Well, they have the ABCs and of course, the wheels on the bus.

Q: If this bus had a human emotion, what would it be?

A: For the most part, I think it would be a very happy bus.

Q: Do you have a nickname for the bus?

A: It’s a short bus, so that’s what we call it, Shorty.

Q: If you could get any car in the world, what would you get?

A: Any car in the world? Why not get a Lamborghini?

Q: Not a yellow one, right?

A: No, not a yellow one. Yellow is caution.

Q: Thanks for talking with us today. Hey, are you local? What zip code do you live in?

A: I live in 11218.

Photos and interview by Jai Mitchell

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