“My car is my proudest asset.”

The Ride
The Driver: Nicole with Brody the Australian Shepherd
Car in Question: Red 2008 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan
Spotted at: Frank Sinatra’s Birthplace, Hoboken, N.J. 07030
Odometer: 24,100
Car’s Nickname: Rosie


Q: Hi Nicole! Welcome to Defend Your Ride New York. What kind of car are you driving and who’s your four-legged friend? Are you two here to check out the birthplace of Frank Sinatra?

A: I am driving a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta. This is my dog, Brody. He’s an Australian Shepherd, not a Border Collie as many people think, and the perfect pet. He is only one and half years old and my Brody comes with me most places I go. We were driving by and I figured we would stop to see the famous Sinatra star plaque.

Q: What does your car mean to you?

A: My car is my proudest asset. I bought it and felt very rewarded when I finished my payments on the car. I love to drive on weekend trips, so this car allows me to get up and down the Northeast Coast.

Q: What specific features do you like about your car?

A: The ABS brakes. They really help during bad weather. It’s also great to have an iPod outlet. I was excited to get rid of my Sirius stereo for now and just use my iPod to listen to my music.

Q: Were you ever in a situation where you were grateful to have ABS brakes?

A: Yes! My friend Caitlin and I were traveling upstate to visit her family. It was January and snowy. The drive took us an extra two hours because we had to drive slowly. The ABS brakes came into action when we were on country roads with lots of snow, in the middle of the night. We were both nervous and did not know if we would get there ever, but my car kept us safe and sound.

Q: Wow! It’s a good feeling when you feel safe in your car. How does Brody like riding in the Jetta?

A: As a puppy, Brody did not like the car at all and got car sick. Once he grew to four or five months old and was able to see outside the car windows, he loved it. Brody prefers an open window and the backseat to lie on, but sometimes will sit shotgun too, which means I have to buckle him up. Safety first!

Q: Yes, that’s very important. Where do you drive to with Brody?

A: My fiancé, Jay, and I have taken him to Liberty State Park, High Rock and Manasquan Inlet, but his favorite place is Grandma’s house. He gets really spoiled at Grandma’s with TLC, treats loving care! Last summer I drove to Maine with my friend, Dalia, and would love to go again and bring Brody.

Q: Grandmas know how to give that TLC like no other. Does your car have a nickname?

A: Yes! I call my car Rosie. Rosie, for her brilliant color!

Photos and interview by Steven Markovits

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