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By Kimberly Rae Miller

Name:  Jordan Weymouth Richards
Borough/Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Profession: Fashion Designer/Assistant Designer Girls (2-16) Knitwear for Polo Ralph Lauren

Jordan Weymouth Richards moved to New York from Maine at the age of 18 to pursue a career in fashion design. From age 7, she was dressing her dolls in her own hand-sewn creations and after a few years in the city, this country girl was making moves. Along with dancing as a party motivator at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs on the weekends, Richards won a competition with Lucky Brand Jeans to redesign their iconic slouch bag, which was put into production and sold at select Macys, Nordstrom and Lucky stores nationwide. While in school she also managed to put on her first fashion show at NYC’s historic venue, Webster Hall in a benefit for Haiti. Graduating this past May from Parsons the New School for Design with a BFA in fashion design, Richards landed her first job with Polo Ralph Lauren as a designer for girls (2-16) knitwear.

Jordan’s Website:

Jordan’s Favorite Fashion Blogs:

How would you define your personal style:

My personal style is very diverse. It really depends on my mood or the type of music I’m listening to when I get ready. Sometimes, I’m a preppy uptown girl by day and an edgy rocker chic by night.  Downtown hipster, sexy glam diva and bohemian babe are a few of my other favorites. It’s fun to play with your character…fashion enables you to “be” the type of individual you want to personify. Style is a choice; my freedom of expression.

When you’re working on designing a line what kind of process do you have?

It always starts with an inspiration…whether it was a trip up to Maine, walking by the Hearst Tower on 57th St., or seeing a cool detail in a dress. Fabrication also becomes part of the process. Knowing what kind of fabrics and trims I want to incorporate help me decide what to design. Sketch upon sketch of variations on sleeves, necklines, hems are to follow. And from there, the collection begins to take on a life of its own.

What fashion trend do you wish would just go away already?

I thought really hard about this question, but I honestly can’t think of any I truly dislike…from drop crotch harem pants to printed floral dresses with waisted belts…I love them all!!

Favorite Five in the Five Boroughs:

Coup de Coeur– This awesome little boutique is peppered with new unique pieces every week. There are a couple scattered across Manhattan. You’re always sure to find a little something special.

Cheap Jack’s– Located near the Empire State building, this vast vintage shop is chock full of great pieces and relatively affordable, in comparison to some of the other vintage shops in town. I like to go to the men’s department downstairs and mix up my style a bit with some masculine edge.

Madness– If you’re looking for something super cheap and super cute…Canal St. is the place to go. This is one of those common bargain shopping stores, so you have to look past some of the cheap looking numbers (and the low quality), but I always find something cool and different in this one.

Century 21 and Loehmann’s– Two of my favorite department stores where you can find amazing designer pieces for less.

Zara– This store always has designer quality styles- from the unique and interesting design details to the fashion trends. Although I’m definitely a fan of Forever 21 and H & M, Zara takes it up a notch for the “throw away fashion” stores…unfortunately their prices do, too.

La Petite Coquette– An adorable niche lingerie store that is anything but mainstream. The atmosphere is light and feminine and the staff always makes for a personal catered experience.