Kate Dawson

Borough/Neighborhood: South Harlem
Profession:  Executive Assistant by day… writer/singer/performer by night

Kate moved from Champaign, Illinois to NYC in the late 90s to be on the stage!  After years of auditioning and working on Broadway, Off Broadway, and regionally she grew tired of the game.  In 2007, Kate quit auditioning, got a survival job, and suddenly got the writing bug.  Last year she wrote and performed her original one woman show “The A**hole in My Head,” garnering critical acclaim!  The show is a fresh and funny reinvention of cabaret… transforming Kate’s worst enemy (herself) into a hilarious, unseen other character.  Kate still has her day job, but but is currently recording a CD, and continues to battle it out with the “a**hole” on stage through song and banter.  Kate’s show will be playing at BIRDLAND – Monday, August 30th @ 7PM.

How would you define your personal style?

Girly, girly, girly… with a pinch of rock n roll.

Favorite item in you closet?

Easy.  My 2.55, caviar leather, jumbo classic Chanel Handbag

Are there any trends that you wish would just go away already?

Gladiator sandals. Really people?  Really? And,  open toed boots. I love a trendy new look as much as the next gal, but it has to be logical… these just leave me scratching my head.

Favorite Five in the Five Boroughs?

Bergdorf Goodman, but I don’t buy anything there–I just dream about buying things.

The Chelsea Flea Market.  Every Saturday and Sunday they have the flea market on 25th St and I’ve gotten some fabulous jewelry there, as well as a couple great vintage handbags.

eBay. Technically not in the 5 boroughs, but the BEST finds are on EBAY!

Loehmann’s. I love a bargain, and I love designer goods, need I say more?

Lord & Taylor always sends coupons and they have the BEST sales!