Nothing makes kids (and, let’s be real, adults) happier than a basket full of delicious Easter treats. But forget the drug store varieties, New York is home to some of the country’s best chocolatiers, and they have all the treats the Easter Bunny needs to create a beautiful and delicious basket. By Siobhan Wallace.

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(credit: Jacques Torres)

Jacques Torres’ various chocolate shops around Manhattan and Brooklyn should be the first stop on the list. There you will not only find delicious milk and dark chocolate bunnies, but also that ubiquitous marshmallow treat: Peeps. Except Jacques Torres dips his Peeps in chocolate and dresses up the sunshine yellow duck Peeps in chocolate tuxedos. If it’s filled eggs you’re looking for, look no further than his peanut butter-filled robin eggs. Creamy peanut butter coated with a layer of chocolate and a beautifully dyed candy shell.

(credit: Three Tarts/Facebook)

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Another great bakery to stop by is Chelsea’s Three Tarts. They make each of their chocolate bunnies individually using vintage molds which is especially great for adults looking for a unique and nostalgic look for their baskets. Three Tarts also makes their own version of Peeps using their fluffy homemade marshmallow recipe, and rolling them in colored sugars.

(credit: Bouchon Bakery/Twitter)

This French-American bakery is celebrating the holiday with traditional chocolate bunnies. Also available are hazelnut cookies, individual chocolate panettone cakes and delicious hot cross buns. Watch out for their Linzer Tart cookie with a bunny shape cut-out –  you’ll want to get it not only for its cute factor, but also for the sweet homemade raspberry jam between two buttery shortbread cookies.

(credit: Amy Ma/ Dominique Ansel Bakery)

For the fancy chocolate lover, you’ll want to stop by SoHo’s Dominique Ansel. They’re selling a Three-in-One egg, Its a milk chocolate outer egg shell holding a smaller white chocolate egg shell holding a dark chocolate truffle egg. It may not be for every kid, but its definitely a beautiful addition for fancy Easter desserts.

(credit: Magnolia Bakery/Facebook)

If its cupcakes you’re looking for, the famous Magnolia Bakery is working their magic to make cute, pastel buttercream cupcakes. Available in chocolate and vanilla, they’re covered with sprinkles and decorations. You can even pick up a dozen mini cupcakes in a vintage egg carton. Or if you’re in need of something flourless, their making fudgy flourless chocolate cupcakes.

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