While we’ve already shared some of the best warm drinks in NYC to get cozy this season, we thought we’d fill everyone in on where to get our favorite fall drink – apple cider. From cool crisp cups to steaming hot mugs, here’s where to find the best apple ciders in NYC. By Sarah Shaker.

(credit: Juicy Lucy Facebook)

This juice bar is not just for those on a veggie juice fast or following a strict cleanse, but it’s a delicious spot for warm drinks during the chilly fall months. Spiced Apple Cider is simmered with fresh ginger and cloves then topped with real apple slices and cinnamon for a hot, soothing cup at Juicy Lucy.

Whether you’re shopping for fruit in Union Square or sampling cheese at Tompkins Square Park, the Grow NYC greenmarkets around NYC offer hot cider from some of their fruit and farm vendors during the fall and winter seasons. Grab a steaming hot cup of cider while running errands or enjoying the cool weather for under $3 a cup.

(credit: Magnolia Bakery Facebook)

The cupcake bakery pours local cider both cold and warm at each of their NYC locations. Whichever you choose, pair their cup of cider with the coconut-chocolate sweetness of a Magic Cookie Bar or a simply sweet Cracked Sugar Cookie for a delicious afternoon snack or weekend breakfast.

This hot cider is served in an adorable mini pot, holding up to three servings of warm, comforting apple goodness. Sip this mulled cider to warm up during brunch all fall and winter long.

(credit: Siobhan Wallace)

Go to any of the city’s greenmarkets and you’re sure to find at least one stall selling these seasonal doughnuts from upstate farm Orchards of Concklin. These cider treats are available in plain, cinnamon sugarcoated and powdered sugarcoated. Munch on these cider sweets while you shop for produce or take them home to heat up to enjoy with a warm drink for a full fall experience.

(credit: Sweetery)

This popular dessert truck serves a range of sweet treats, so you know that their ciders are sweetly prepared. Enjoy hot or cold cider at Sweetery, depending on your mood or the weather. Pair your apple-licious cup with a savory ham and cheese croissant or a seasonal whoopie pie.

(credit: Hearth)

Hearth is one of our favorite restaurants in the East Village and this fall they’re serving their cider fried. Sticky-sweet apple cider doughnuts are adorned with a maple syrup glaze and are served with a side of apple compote and whipped cream for an indulgent apple cider experience.

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Sarah Shaker is the founder of the blog Bright Lights, My City.