There are thousands of available apps to download onto your smartphone or tablet, and many of those aren’t even worth the data charges. So which ones of the food apps are the best to keep on your SIM card? These are the best apps for New York City food lovers. By Siobhan Wallace




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Foodspotting began in 2009 as a way for foodies to connect and share what they’ve been eating, but it’s expanded to much more than that. Users are encouraged to upload pictures of dishes at their favorite spots, do a short review, and “nom” things they really love. The best part is that the apps show you dishes within your given area. Find yourself starving in a strange neighborhood? One quick look and you’ll know where to go and what to get. Foodspotting app is available on all platforms.



Free on most platforms, $4.99 on Nook Color is a great stop for finding the recipe you need quickly, and their app is just as brilliant. The app offers plenty of recipes to choose from in frequently used categories (Quick & Easy, Kid-Friendly, etc), but it also will create a shopping list for you based off of the recipes. Recipes are updated often to sync with those on the website. Epicurious app is available on most platforms, including Samsung refrigerators and Kindle Fire.

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It’s trendy to be into seasonal, local food, but what if you have no idea what’s in season or where your nearest farmers market it? Then it’s Locavore to the rescue. Dependent on your location, the app can tell you exactly what produce to look for and what will be available in the near future, plus where the nearest farmers markets are. It will even give you recipes for your haul. Locavore app is available on iPhone and Androids.


Seamless Web app


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A good amount of people depend on Seamless Web for their delivery needs, but what if you’re stuck in a meeting as lunchtime nears? Well then it’s time to use their app. Place your order, pay with your boss’s corporate account, and your lunch delivery will be ready just as the meeting wraps up. Seamless Web app is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.




Few apps come onto the marketplaces that make you realize we really are in the future, and HarvestMark is one of them. With food and farm safety a growing concern, the app can put your mind at ease. A quick scan of a produce tag by the app, and you can trace the farm the items came from, the growing methods and whether or not it’s a part of a safety recall. HarvestMark app is available for iPhone and Android.




Though Instagram isn’t officially an app for foodies, it’s been overrun with them. The app allows you to filter your photos leading to some impressive food photography, and lets users “follow” friends and strangers alike. With some of the best food personalities using the app daily, a quick scan lets you see where you should be going out to eat. Instagram is available on iTunes and will soon be available on Google Play.

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