Hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers staged a protest Tuesday morning across the Brooklyn Bridge. They made their way up Manhattan’s East Side, protesting changes in their pay and working conditions. CBS2's Marc Liverman reports.

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Uber, Lyft Drivers Stage Slow-Down Protest In NYC Over App ChangesHundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers staged a protest Tuesday morning across the Brooklyn Bridge. They made their way up Manhattan’s East Side, protesting changes in their pay and working conditions. CBS2's Marc Liverman reports.
Purdue Pharma's Bankruptcy Move Draws Criticism Amid Ongoing Opioid EpidemicPurdue Pharma, the company behind the prescription painkiller OxyContin, has filed for bankruptcy. The filing comes days after it reached a settlement with more than 20 states which blame Purdue for fueling the opioid crisis. CBS2's Aundrea Cline-Thomas reports.
Oxycontin Maker Purdue Pharma Declares Bankruptcy After Opioid Crisis SettlementAccording to Purdue Pharma, the bankruptcy is worth $10 billion and will go toward addressing the opioid crisis in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere around the country. CBSN New York's Aundrea Cline-Thomas reports.
Health vs. Business: Vaping Debate IntensifiesNew York Gov, Andrew Cuomo is going on the offensive against vaping and certain flavors of e-cigarettes, but critics say a ban will hurt small businesses/ CBS2's Lisa Rozner reports
Gov. Cuomo Goes After Flavored E-Cig ProductsNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is taking executive action, banning popular e-cigarette flavors. CBS2's Nick Caloway reports
New Movie Studio Moving To Jersey CityCBS2's Ali Bauman has the latest on the new movie studio coming to Jersey City.
Pest Control Company Bugging Homeowners With SolicitationsCBS2's Meg Baker has the latest on a pest control company allegedly bothering New Jersey homeowners without a permit to solicit their service.
NYC Sues Chipotle Over Fair Work Week LawNew York City is suing Chipotle over alleged violations in the city's fair work week law.
Lionsgate Set To Build Studio In YonkersCBS's Dick Brennan has the latest on the $100 million Hollywood studio coming to Yonkers, New York.

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YouTube Fined $170 Million Over Violating Children's Privacy RightsIn the $170 million settlement, the FTC found Google collected children's data without their parents' consent. Of the total settlement, $34 million will go to New York state for similar violations. CBS2's Chirs Wragge reports.
Walmart Stops Selling AmmunitionWalmart announces its stores will stop selling ammunition for handguns and rifles.
Car Crashes Into GameStop In WestchesterFour people were reportedly injured after an SUV plowed into a video game store in the Westchester County town of Pelham Manor. CBS2's Christina Fan reports
Lord & Taylor Sold To Rental Clothing CompanyDepartment store Lord & Taylor has been sold to rental clothing company Le Tote.
Former Google Employee Arrested, Accused Of Stealing SecretsA former Google engineer who went to work for Uber has been arrested for allegedly stealing company secrets.
Johnson & Johnson To Pay In Opioid SuitJohnson & Johnson have been ordered to pay over $500 million in a lawsuit about opioid prescriptions.
MTV VMAs To Boost Newark EconomySean Saadeh, EVP of Entertainment at Newark's Prudential Center, talks with CBSN New York's Valerie Castro about the economic boost that the MTV Video Music Awards will have on New Jersey.
TLC Bans Advertising On Ride-Share VehiclesThe Taxi and Limousine Commission has reversed a previous decision and banned ride-share vehicles from displaying ads on their cars.
Di Fara Pizza Reopens After Tax IssueCBS2's Dave Carlin ha the latest on the reopening of a Brooklyn pizza icon shuttered over unpaid taxes.
Long Island Residents Oppose New Driving RangeCBS2's Carolyn Gusoff has the latest on the complaints about possible noise and lights brought by a proposed golf driving range on Long Island.
Gov. Cuomo Shuts Down Mayor De Blasio's Pizzeria PlanGov. Cuomo is weighing in on Bill de Blasio vague plan to save Di Fara Pizzeria from tax problems, say the mayor has no right to forgive unpaid state taxes.
Controversy After Iconic Pepsi Sign ChangedCBS2's Vanessa Murdock has the latest on the debate over altering New York's iconic Pepsi sign in Long Island City.
De Blasio's Priorities Questioned After Pizzeria PromiseCBS2's Andrea Grymes has the latest on Mayor de Blasio's priorities being questioned again after promising to help Di Fara Pizzeria reopen.
Long Island Training People In Recession-Proof JobsCBS2's Jennifer McLogan has the latest on the many careers said to be recession-proof that Long Island is training people to do.
Long Island Pushing To Train Youth For Tech CareersWith young people underemployed more than ever now, high school students are considering skipping college and the debt -- and taking on a trade. CBSN New York's Jennifer McLogan has more from Levittown.
Mayor De Blasio Taking The Heat Over Pizza?Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking heat for weighing in on the side of Di Fara Pizza, the pizzeria in Brooklyn that was closed for unpaid taxes. CBSN New York's Andrea Grymes reports.
Beloved Brooklyn Pizzeria Closed Over Tax IssuesCBS2's Valerie Castro has the latest on the state shuttering an iconic Brooklyn pizzeria over unpaid taxes.
Combating Vacant Storefronts In NYCCBSN New Yorks' Dana Tyler sits down with Small Business Services Commissioner Gregg Bishop to talk about vacancy problems in New York City.
How Do You Prepare If There Is A Recession?CBS2's Tony Aiello speaks to financial experts about the fears of a n economic recession and what to do if that happens.
Stock Rise After Tariffs DelayedCBS2's Dick Brennan has the latest on the stock market's reaction to President Trump delaying new tariffs on China.

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