A new bill in Albany aims to cut red tape for parents seeking early developmental care for young children. That legislation has passed, but it's still sitting on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's desk, unsigned; CBS2's Nick Caloway reports.

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Parents Waiting For Gov. Cuomo To Sign Legislation Aiming To Help With Early Developmental CareA new bill in Albany aims to cut red tape for parents seeking early developmental care for young children. That legislation has passed, but it's still sitting on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's desk, unsigned; CBS2's Nick Caloway reports.
Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul Takes On New York’s Child Care 'Crisis On Steroids’Child care has always been expensive, but the pandemic sent prices soaring and slots are harder than ever to find. CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports.
How Do You Sign Up For The Federal Child Tax Credit Program?The federal child tax credit program is being expanded and will give families a boost. The payments are scheduled to start going out in a few weeks, so how do you sign up? CBS2's Natalie Duddridge reports.
Sean Williams Starts 'The Dad Gang' To Fight Stereotypes About Black FathersAs we prepare to celebrate Father's Day this weekend, a Long Island father is changing the perception of Black fatherhood in America. It turned into his life's mission after a moment in a grocery store. CBS2's Vanessa Murdock introduces us to "The Dad Gang."
Path To Parenthood Continues To Open For LGBTQ+ FamiliesAs we celebrate Pride Month, CBS2's Cindy Hsu looks at how families are coming together in the LGBTQ+ community. There have been lots of positive changes in the last few years.
Queens Man Dwayne Gordon Allegedly Raped Several Young Girls At His HomePolice are looking for a Queens man alleged to have raped several young girls at his home, and they fear there may be other victims; CBS2's Alice Gainer reports.
As Mask Mandates Lift, Parents Of Unvaccinated Children Wonder How To Move ForwardMany parents are exhausted from a year of trying to guide their children through the pandemic. Now, the latest mask guidelines have many confused and asking, "What am I supposed to do now?" CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports.
Parents Warned Of Dangers Of Children Swallowing Lithium BatteriesFrom key fobs to remote for toys, lithium batteries are everywhere in our homes, but many parents are not aware of just how dangerous they can be for children; Chris Martinez reports for CBS2.
COVID Survivor Celebrates First Mother's Day After Giving Birth While In A ComaA Middletown, New York, woman beat all odds to survive COVID-19. She gave birth while in a coma. Now, she is finally strong enough to share her story, just in time for Mother's Day; CBS2's Natalie Duddridge reports.
Actress Eva Mendes Sparks Debate Over Spanking ChildrenShould you spank your child? Hollywood actress Eva Mendes sparked lots of talk on both sides with a post on Instagram; CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.
Psychologist On Talking To Children About Race, Police, And Witnessing Traumatic EventsCBS2 spoke with Dr. Jeffrey Gardere, a psychologist who says the dialogue should always be ongoing. 
Moms Helping Moms Provides Assistance Buying Diapers, Other Basics To Parents In NeedOne in three families in the United States cannot afford enough diapers to keep their babies clean and healthy, and a New Jersey organization says things have gotten much worse this year because of the pandemic; CBS2's Meg Baker reports.
New Data Confirms Baby Bust After 1 Year Of Stay-At-Home OrdersAs we approach one year of stay-at-home orders, new data confirms a predicted baby boom was actually a bust; Tony Dokoupil reports for CBS2.
As Pandemic Continues, CDC Says Nearly 20% Of Children In US Are ObeseThe so-called "Quarantine 15" has turned into a weight gain of 25-30 pounds for some of the youngest Americans, ushering in real health concerns for children; CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports.
Paid Surrogacy Now Legal In New YorkA big change in New York starts Monday for couples and singles struggling to start a family. CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports.
Extended Interview: What To Look Out For, Be Aware Of As A Parent And CaregiverA popular celebrity therapist is speaking out about losing her teenage son to a drug overdose. CBS2's Andrea Grymes talked to child psychiatrist Dr. Jodi Gold about what parents and caregivers should be looking out for.
New York State To Establish Free Diaper Program At Food BanksNew York is starting a program to help families in need with free diapers.
Parents Fear Kids Are Falling Behind In School As Remote Learning Stretches OnThis week, the Biden administration is set to announce safe ways for schools to return to in-person learning fulltime. The guidance can't come soon enough for parents who fear their kids are falling behind; CBS2's Jessica Layton reports.
Celebrity Therapist Dr. Laura Berman Issues Warning For Parents After Teenage Son OverdosesThere's a warning for parents from a popular celebrity therapist who just lost her 16-year-old son to a drug overdose. She says he was a straight-A student who they watched closely, but not enough when it came to social media; CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.
Web Extra: Expert On COVID's Psychological Impact On ChildrenWhite Plains School Superintendent Dr. Joseph Ricca advises parents to look for any way to minimize stress on their kids, adding nowadays schools are even more equipped to offer support or connect families with resources if they need help.
Report: Some Baby Food Found To Have Significant Levels Of ToxinsA new government report found several baby food products contain toxic heavy metals; CBS2's Lisa Rozner reports.
Parents Concerned About Impact COVID Pandemic On Children's Mental HealthCBS2's Dr. Max Gomes reports on how a child psychologist is building resilience in his own children, and how you can use those lessons.
Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex, Reveals She Had Miscarriage Over SummerIn an opinion piece for The New York Times, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, revealed she had a miscarriage in July. She's hoping her experience will encourage everyone to ask the question, "Are you OK?" CBS2's Hazel Sanchez reports.
Should You Discuss Politics During Thanksgiving?After the hotly contested election, some Thanksgiving conversations could be uncomfortable. Should you avoid talking politics with family and friends? CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports.

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