It’s the largest increase since 1982.

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Those Eligible For Social Security To See Near-6% Increase In Benefits In 2022It’s the largest increase since 1982.
Shrinkflation Taking A Bite Out Of People's PaychecksFrom cereal to soap and paper towels to pretzels, you might have noticed you're not getting as much as you're used to. Liz Collins reports.
Cascade Of Problems Around The World Leads To Sharp Losses On Wall StreetIt was the worst day for the markets since May. Despite the losses, the market did come back somewhat in the last 40 minutes of the day. CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Bernie Madoff Dies In Prison At 82Bernie Madoff, the infamous financier who pleaded guilty to orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in history, has died in a federal prison.
GameStop's Wild Ride Continues On Wall StreetGameStop's wild ride is continuing on Wall Street. Small investors had sent the stock soaring, in part to punish hedge funds betting against it, and Thursday, there was a new turn; CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Retail Brokerage Firms Limiting Trading On GameStop StockThere's more backlash to the GameStop trading frenzy. Retail brokerage firms are now limiting trading on the stock, which has been surging this month; CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
GameStop Shares Skyrocketing Thanks To Everyday InvestorsEveryday investors have inflicted pain on professional traders who made big bets that GameStop shares would fall. Instead, it's skyrocketing, up 800% in a week; CBS2's Tony Aiello reports.
People Working From Home Wonder What That Means For Their Tax DeductionsMany people still have not returned to their office buildings, and with the upcoming tax season fast approaching, some want to know if they can write off those work from home expenses. CBS2's Alice Gainer reports.
Stimulus Standoff On Capitol HillTime is running out for Congress to pass the next relief package as unemployment benefits for about 25 million Americans will expire this week. Skyler Henry reports.
Glitch Causes Delay In Federal Unemployment Checks, Leaving Many On Edge About MoneyIf you receive federal unemployment payments, in addition to state unemployment, you may have noticed your money wasn’t in your account this week. CBS2's Natalie Duddridge reports.
Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Being Sent To Dead PeopleStimulus checks are being sent to dead people, even while many who are very much alive are still waiting for theirs; CBS2's Lisa Rozner reports.
Weeks Into Coronavirus Shutdown, NJ, NY Residents Still Struggle To Apply For Unemployment BenefitsA staggering 33 million people are now unemployed in this country, including 3 million new claims this week, which is actually an improvement since the pandemic began; CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis reports.
Coronavirus Impact On Your Money: Frustration Now Turning To Desperation For The UnemployedAn overworked unemployment system that is now breaking down has many in New Jersey seeking unemployment benefits left without answers and without money. CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis reports.
April 1st Brings Concerns About RentToday is April 1, and that means millions of New Yorkers who have been put through financial hardship because of the coronavirus outbreak are now facing their monthly bills, including rent. CBS2’s John Dias has more.
Financial Experts: Don't Let Coronavirus Put You In A Credit CrunchExperts say now is a time to be proactive to prevent your credit from getting destroyed during the coronavirus outbreak. CBS2's Jessica Layton reports
Coronavirus Update: Markets Rebound As President Outlines Economic PlanStocks regained some of their massive losses Tuesday as the federal government announced plans to stabilize the economy amid the COVID-19 outbreak. CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Coronavirus Update: Markets Plunge, But Financial Experts Expect ReboundInvestors continued to show their COVID-19 jitters, driving stocks down to a new 3-year low. CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Federal Reserve Slashes Interest Rates To Near ZeroThe financial news came at the same time the government was urging Americans not to horde food or exercise panic buying. CBS2's Kristine Johnson reports.
Coronavirus: New Yorkers Staying Away From Usual Public Hangouts But Mobbing Grocery StoresAt least three more New York City public schools were closed Friday because of the coronavirus. Elsewhere, shoppers stood in long lines outside grocery stores while many other restaurants and gather places were empty. CBS2's Dave Carlin reports.
Coronavirus Update: Markets Still Experiencing Jitters On Oil Prices, Outbreak WorriesThe closing bell brought a sigh of relief on Wall Street with the markets enduring one of the wildest days in recent memory. CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
WHO Warns About Coronavirus PrepThe panic in the stockmarket intensified as the coronavirus pandemic grew worse as the World Health Organization issued a new warning about the global risk of the deadly virus. CBS2 Reena Roy reports.
Coronavirus Worries Shake Up Wall Street, Drive Down Global MarketsInvestors on Wall Street are worried about the global impact of the coronavirus as it spreads outside of China. CBS2's Diane King reports.
JP Morgan Says New Tariffs Could Cost Average Americans $1,000 A YearYou might soon have to pay more to buy many common goods. New tariffs on hundreds of products from China went into effect over the weekend. CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.
New Apple Card Available To Limited Number Of CustomersAfter CEO Tim Cook announced the Card would arrive in August, Apple on Tuesday began the initial deployment of its new branded credit card, sending out email invites to some of those who signed up to be "notified" that the card was indeed now available. CBS2's Jessica Moore reports.

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